Election 2016 Real Numbers: Hillary Clinton still thinks she should have won the election even though as a seasoned politician, a lawyer, and former First Lady she clearly knows how the electoral college works. Every single Presidential Campaign since the 1900s has focused on getting the most electoral college votes in order to win. The system was set up by the founding fathers for good reasons. The truth is President Trump won because he had a better, smarter, and more flexible campaign team.

Moot Point: Hillary is still spouting and pouting on the interview shows about getting 2 million more popular votes than Donald Trump got. The President also continues to dispute this number claiming, that due to the illegal voter fraud, he likely beat her in the popular votes as well. Well, as they say in the legal profession Hillary….”it is a moot point”.

The Real Reason Hillary Lost: The real reason Hillary lost is that she was not popular. In fact her likability numbers were in the toilet, especially when you think about her potentially being the first Woman President. She wrongly assumed women would push her over the top just because she was a woman. Turns out women are people and voters first, and they just did not like or trust Hillary Clinton. Additionally, Hillary’s campaign staff were drinking “the Kool-Aid”, believing the liberal press accounts that kept declaring her a winner in a landslide months prior, and right up to, election night. She basically took what should have been an easy win and turned it into a loss.

The Real Numbers That Matter: There were over 231 million eligible voters on election night 2016. The actual number who voted was 138,884,643. That is about 58% of all eligible voters. So for Hillary to claim she was some how snookered is crying over the wrong spilt milk. It is evident that a whole lot of democrats stayed home that night. In fact 40% of all eligible voters bowed out. So to Hillary I simply say get over it. You lost on about four different levels and your measly 2 million popular vote lead, if in fact real, was so pathetically close you should be embarrassed to bring it up.

You had the game won…and you blew it.