NFL: The NFL has claimed they are only down a small amount in fan attendance at games. They brush over the more telling sinking TV numbers. Flags, flags, flags….there are so many flags flying on so many plays that long passes are not thrown for the catch, but rather to draw the flag. Boring…did I say boring?

Roger Goodell Lottery Win: He just got a 5 year contract for over $3million a year plus incentives that include expenses, and the use of a company jet….could total over $50 million dollars a year. Not bad for a guy who sided with the knee takers early on when he could have been decisive and prevented this mess. Like I said, lucky dude.

Tim Tebow: Speaking of “knee takers”…I could think of more than six NFL teams that would benefit by having his toughness and winning attitude behind center. Can he throw better than most? Nope, but look at those taking snaps today…not much better, and they are losers. Tebow is a proven winner, and winning is the only stat that really matters. Did I say Tebow would help sinking ratings?  If I were the Cleveland Browns I would sign Tim Tebow in the off season as a back up. The guy will fill the stands home and away. I bet he stands for the National Anthem too.

Dumb…End Zone Skits: The end zone skits are ridiculous. If the NFL thinks this will encourage people to watch, holy smokes….what are they smoking? These things are high school level at best, more like Junior High level to be fair. These are attempts by Roger Goodell to be consistent about allowing knee takers during the anthem. How can he say that is their “free speech rights” and then say no end zone celebrations. And for this he gets $50 million a year. Jerry was right!