The Tax Bill…the good, the bad, the ugly: 

The Good: Ivanka Trump today said the new tax reforms will ultimately end the national debt…zero it out…nada…all gone. She did not give a time period for this tremendous positive result to happen….we can hope for soon, eh?  Many financial experts support this bill for a variety of reasons. Corporate tax benefits big time yes, but…..trickle down jobs, salary increases, and financial growth for small business, are all in the hope column too. Not to mention the return of companies and jobs that had fled due to the highest corporate tax in the world, excessive regulations, and the gains from low off shore labor costs. The positive view is these changes will not make everyone happy in the beginning but ultimately it will make the economy soar with more jobs, higher wages and benefits, and, as Ivanka said….the ultimate elimination of our trillion dollar debt.

The Bad: CNN and the rest of the liberal media (FNN) have painted this bill as the biggest corporate swindle ever. They claim it will raise taxes for the middle class…which is both true and false depending on what state you reside in. They claim it will damage the economy by adding to the national debt due to the huge corporate tax reductions. They cynically say President Trump made this happen mainly for his own corporate benefits. They also claim the bill will so reduce tax revenues the most needy of the society will face cuts and shortages of support. They fail to give any credence to the statistics that support the claims of the supporters that these short term costs will be negated by huge economic gains, just around the corner.

The Ugly:  Americans today live in the disinformation age. The media….is biased, I mean really, extremely, biased. The bottom line is, if you get your news from left networks, and or the internet, you will be consuming intellectual swill most of the time. If you get your news from Fox you will only be consuming swill about half the time. The only way to kind of figure out what is true is to watch all the networks. If you do this, after awhile, you begin to easily see lies, manipulations, and just bull dung news to deflect real stories.

I know people who are democrats who refuse to watch Fox News and get all their information for CNN or MSNBC, and conversely, conservatives who do the same with Fox News. Look at it like this; if a couple goes to a marriage counselor and the counselor says she will only listen to the wife then later comes to the conclusion the husband is the problem…well you get the picture. This is what happens if you get your news from only the left or the right sources. Balance is needed if one wants to know what is really going on in the world today. True journalism is….dead!