Puerto Rico Disaster Recovery Neglected: One half of Puerto Rico’s 3.3 million people are without power still. That is 100 days since Hurricane Maria hit and destroyed much of the island. President Woodrow Wilson signed the Jones-Shafroth Act 100 years ago granting U.S. citizenship to the residents of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory seized from Spain during the Spanish-American War in 1898. There is plenty of blame to point at the Puerto Rican politicians who have let the island’s infrastructure fall into neglect to the point much of it needs to be totally rebuilt. Regardless of this mismanagement and corruption in Puerto Rico the President and Congress needs to step up and provide the means and money to the Puerto Rican people, fellow American citizens, to rebuild. Shameful describes their efforts so far.

San Diego Auto Show: The worst auto show I have attended in years. They closed the food counters one hour before closing, there were many cars with no brochures and many with kiosks said…”brochure not uploaded”. There were some areas with great customer support, Subaru for example, but others were empty. I got the feeling half the cars were just parked there by the dealers….an auto show it was not. (In 2013 I attended the Detroit Auto Show….now that was a show to see.) I paid for two senior tickets, $12.00 each and $20.00 to park. For the $44.00 dollars I got less info and selection than what I could have seen by visiting the dealers lot. You could get a better selection of cars to view by attending the zoo and walking through the parking lot.

Liberal Media More Fake News: It will take another surprise election upset of democrat candidates for the liberal media to understand most Americans know their game, and are no longer buying it. The liberal media is both the marketing and the propaganda department for the left. They have no journalistic integrity left; none, nada, zip…gone!

The First Lady 200 Year Old Tree Story: The story was put out in almost every liberal news source; the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and of course in click bate form on Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, and most all of the web site sources.

The story was that Melania Trump ordered the cutting down of a 200 year old Magnolia Tree on the White House Grounds. They described this as the First Lady’s doing. She was painted in a very negative way, in spite of their knowing full well their story was not true. These stories were repeated for about one week.

The Arbor Society recommended the tree be taken down. There is a four point scale starting with the danger of a tree falling and causing human injury or death. This tree met this standard for being a danger and the grounds people at the White House came to Melania requesting her to sign off on the cutting down of the tree.

It had been a hazard for many years. The Press often stood under, or near the tree, during Press conferences and other gatherings. As it turned out they were able to do only a partial cut down.  The First Lady is in charge of all grounds matters at the White House and she was acting in her official capacity. She did not initiate the action and did nothing wrong. She was not out looking to ruin history by chopping down old trees.

Not one of these stories was corrected, edited, or redacted. The news organizations responsible for distributing this negative story showed their true colors….. they are liars. They are going all out to slander and lie about the President and his administration hoping to swing votes in 2018. When the President calls them  “FAKE NEWS” organizations, they have justly earned the title.