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Jihad is not just by the sword. Ten years ago a famous London Imam boasted in an interview that all of Europe, including Great Britain, will be under Sharia law in twenty years or less. He said they are doing “Jihad by the Birth” with all Muslim immigrants entering Europe. These Muslim families are told to have many children. The good Imam stated how many but I do not recall…it is certainly more than four and likely closer to seven or more.

Meanwhile European young couples are reproducing at the phenomenal rate of something like 1.5 kids per couple. In other words they are not even replacing themselves. Not hard to do the math here is it?  Why are the media not doing this math?  Why not you ask? Because it would take a journalist to do this…too hard, too messy, too tough dealing with complex truths.

The recent misspeak by President Trump regarding Sweden was…

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