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The H-1B Visa Spin: The special interests have this thing spinning fast and furious…right out of President Trump’s White House. What, you say?  How can that be?  Donald Trump promised to end the abuses of the H-1B Visa underwriting program for big companies. He said these companies must fill the jobs with American workers first.

Wall Street Journal Fake News: This program has been going on, and growing on, for years now. The Wall Street Journal posted an article on page A6 on Tuesday titled; ” U.S Puts a Curb On Visa Program”. Great propaganda….or as Mr. Trump would say, “Great Fake News Story”.

Read the first paragraph….” The federal government began accepting visa applications for a fresh round of high-skilled foreign workers, without the wholesale changes President Donald Trump promised in his campaign. ” Just how does this opening paragraph line up with the Wall Street Journal headline….”A Curb on Visa Program”?…

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