President Trump reminds Press….. he is a “stable genius”. The President held an open to the press, bi-partisan DACA and immigration meeting on Tuesday. After watching him live, and seeing him lead the meeting, it was crystal clear he is not only pretty smart ,but very skilled, at these boardroom settings. Later that night on the talking head liberal media shows the slanderous comments of his being demented, pre-Alzheimer, mentally ill, and psychopathic were silenced. (Win 1 for POTUS.)

Geniuses…even stable ones…do really dumb things… Thursday the “stable genius” gave away the win. In a meeting with a group of bi-partisan Senators to discuss a proposal for the DACA / immigration problem the President used off color and harsh, comments to refer to the “nations”, not the “people” of African countries as well as Haiti who send immigrants to our country. I could argue it was a private meeting to discuss and debate the offer and the tone and words of the President should not have been made public. On the other side President Trump, the ” stable genius”, acted pretty dumb if he really thought bully tough talk in a meeting with democratic leaders would stay private. Not thinking too genius like Mr. President. Also seemingly not negotiating in a way that reflected he had just scored a major PR win with the public on these matters. (Win 1 for the Dems and the Liberal Media.)

The comments were quoted out of context but….the stable genius has been in Washington for 12 months so he should expect anything he does or says likely will be used against him by the drive by media, especially when he does dumb stuff.  It should not be a shocker to him….he should have been a gentleman.

Being a “stable gentleman genius”…. Mr. President the American people want to see you succeed being….”a stable tough gentleman genius” and not, ” a fly off the cuff, blurting, bully, dork genius”.