The Government Just Shut Down: I listened to Chuck Schumer and Mitch Mc Connell blame each other over the shut down. There is no reason for this to have happened. The shut down was because the Democrats insisted that DACA needed to be voted for if they were to vote to keep the government open. They also insisted they would not vote for keeping the government open if the Republicans included the wall funding. So essentially they are unable to flex in any way.

The 60 Seat Goal: It should be clear to all Americans that these two groups of our political leaders are polarized. To take advantage of President Trump’s economic growth successes it is imperative the Republicans pick up enough seats at the Mid Term to give them the 60 votes. They will be pushing very hard to get the mid term races going after this debacle.

Senators Should Be Fired: Those Senators who let the government shut down should be targeted for defeat in their next election. It is clear the political bull dung these people are spewing is shameful. I for one will be supporting every Republican candidate running in November. These guys are worried about illegal immigrants, the DACA people, and forgetting about our citizens, our military, our veterans. How in the world can they be so openly dishonest.