Liars: The Senate is made up of many liars. There are, according to Mark Twain, three kinds of liars…there are “Liars”, there are “Damned Liars”, and there are “Politicians”. Our Senators shut down the government this past week over bull dung arguments and political gamesmanship for the sake of each side trying to gain public approval at the expense of the other. The lies both sides spouted regarding the shut down were pathetic. I can tell a more believable lie with half my brain tied behind my back and both my eyes closed. Such childish actions were an embarrassment to the dignity of the Senate as an institution. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Damned Liars: Not all the Senators are simply“liars”….many of them are “damned liars”, which, according to Mark Twain, is the second worst kind of liar one can be. The democrats voted in block for the shutdown and yet they continued to say the lack of votes to keep the government open was due to the Republicans, who hold a majority in the House of Representative as well as the Senate.  They knew the Republican majority in the Senate is very slim (51), and in order for the government to be kept open 60 votes were needed. This means several Democrat Senators votes were needed for the bill to pass. Yet the Democrats, who voted against the bill in mass, kept saying it was the Republicans. This lie was obvious to all, and yet, and they continued spouting it over and over. Please note the shutdown of the government was not due to, nor was it caused by, the Republican Senators. Many Republican Senators are still “liars”….but all of the Democrat Senators are “damned liars”. The “damned liars” looked like “stupid damned liars” to me, since their lie was so obvious.  I could have told a better lie standing on my head, with half my brain tied behind my back, and both of my eyes closed. They are an embarrassment to the dignity of the Senate to which they have been sent to serve, not themselves…..but the citizens of our great nation. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Politicians: According to Mark Twain this is the worst kind of liar. In this government shutdown debacle there is one Senator who deserves this “worst kind of liar label”, Senator Chuck Schumer.  Chuck Schumer, as the minority leader in the Senate, set up this shut down, secured an en mass Democrat vote for it, and then had the audacity to call it the “Trump Shutdown”! He used the Daca /Dreamer issue as the reason they would not cooperate to keep the government open. This lie was not just a disgrace it was an insult to any thinking person. The Daca/Dreamer matter has bi-partisan support. The President also has promised to sign the bill to grant them the right to stay here. Chuck Schumer made this issue his line in the sand. He also knew that during the Obama administration both Democrats and Republicans in the Senate agreed for better border security, and end to chain migration and the lottery system, and support for the children’s health care bill. The entire issue Chuck Schumer was about was to try to create an outrage against the Republicans by labeling them anti Daca/Dreamer. Chuck Schumer, is the worst kind of liar…he epitomizes what Mark Twain meant when he called the worst kind of liar a “Politician”.  He should be ashamed of himself for disgracing the dignity of the Senate and insulting the American people.