NAFTA FIX NEEDED: President Trump has called for ending NAFTA. I think we all know he is using this stand as a means of starting the re-negotiation of the terms and rules of NAFTA. Living in San Diego it is easy to see some economic benefits of NAFTA to both sides of the border. There are, however, a few “big” things that need fixing. Today about 95% of the containers coming across the border from Mexico are Chinese goods that were delivered into Mexico for “free” transit into the United States under the NAFTA. These goods were not made or assembled in Mexico for the most part. So when President Trump says we need to dump or fix NAFTA he is correct. Current trade deficit with Mexico is over $70 billion dollars. This is not “fair trade” and it hurts our economy.

THE WALL AND LIES : The wall works. We have had over 15 miles of fence separation with Mexico in San Diego for over fifteen years. It has kept our border patrol agents safer, helped us better police the illegal transport of drugs and people, and for Mexico has made neighborhoods near the border much safer as cartel drugs and violence is longer threatening them. Each day in San Diego over 135,000 people travel legally though across our border for work, travel, trade, family, and a variety of other reasons. The news to the American people should be the border is wide open…for the legal crossing of people and goods in both directions. Ask anyone living in San Diego if the border fence works and they will give a resounding YES! The democrats, led by Chuck Schumer, lie openly about this for one reason only…to stop President Trump from succeeding.

PRESIDENT TRUMP AKSED FOR $18 BILLION: …in funding for the wall. Lets put this amount of money in perspective. In the State of California, the Democrat controlled state legislature has already spent over $68 billion dollars on a high speed rail line from Sacramento to Los Angeles and not even had one train has traveled one mile as of this post. To protect our borders improving, extending, and building the wall is essential. Building the wall does not close off Mexico, rather it enhances both governments ability to control the dangerous cartel smugglers and other illegal threats on the border.

DEMOCRATIC ELECTION NIGHTMARE LOOMS:  The American people care most about their own safety and economic security. When voters walk into the voter booth in November they will know their economic status is better than it has been in the past 15 years. Their wages are rising, their taxes are falling, the job market is growing, and America is stronger and safer. They also will know if they want these benefits to continue they must give the President a super majority in the Senate. The choice will be give the President 60 Senators, who support his policies, or put more Democrat Senators in office who will shut down any ability for continued positive economic growth for themselves and their families. Simply put…“it’s the economy stupid”.  The Democrat Senators better deal now, or they will face disaster in November.