The Pomorski Report

Geno Smith: I feel your pain……from a fellow member of the “Sucker Punched Club”.

I was in the tenth grade and working in drafting class, my first class after lunch. There were five rows of drafting tables, with four tables in each row. I was in the third row from the front, on the end. Picture a row of four drafting tables separated by an aisle ( two to each side of the aisle )so the instructor could move easily front to back helping the students.

The instructor, Mr. Hickman, would often leave the room after the assignment was given. Where he went we never knew but it left the class pretty loose and casual. We worked on drafting boards which angled upward and usually had to draw foundations or other architectural tasks. On this particular day, after Mr. Hickman stepped out, someone in the back flung an eraser…

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