Missing the Point…..Labeling Officers Cowards: There is so much wrong with arm chair media, politicians, and anyone with a voice ripping these Officers by calling them cowards. They failed to aggressively go forward toward the shooting for whatever reasons. We will hear their answers as to why they waited. They could have been fearfully frozen in place to be sure.  However, for a person sitting on a studio couch, or standing behind a microphone, and declaring them guilty of cowardice is seeking to fix blame for a tragedy that should not have happened in the first place.  Were they cowards? It is possible, however there is much we need to learn as to time lines and also what they have to say. The coward label could be levied by some, but most people hurling these attacks would likely have hunkered down, not charged into the building.

The Initial Police On Scene Lacked Training: The obvious thing to me is that these officers, at the very least, lacked solid training for this type of situation. Their failure to aggressively enter the building was due to their lack of knowing what to do, or if they knew what to do they had not been sufficiently trained so they did it automatically.  The military trains and trains and trains for combat so that when soldiers are in life and death situations they go on automatic. No time to think, wonder, or fear…it is time to act. These officers clearly lacked that kind of consistent training.

FBI Failure: This was a no brainer for the FBI. They had a solid report of a school shooter threat and they failed to follow up on it. I will only say I wish the FBI would spend some time investigating itself and stop worrying about Russian collusion, election rigging, and foreign influences. The head of the FBI for the past several years was James Comey. Who is responsible for the culture and the failings of the FBI? James Comey. If these leads were mishandled, overlooked, and possibly ignored maybe we should put Mr. Comey in the cross hairs for the blame of this tragedy. The FBI seems to have forgotten their true policing role.

The Blame the NRA Game: Once again we are learning so much about this tragedy and the person who put such evil down in that school. We have yet to hear how this 19 year old, who was identified as a real threat to shoot up the school, even got his weapons and ammunition. We need better background checks, maybe an age limit for buying guns of 21 years old. (The exception would be anyone over 18 serving in the United States Military who passes a background check could buy a gun). There were so many red flags on this person and yet he still was able to buy guns. The focus of the needed changes is less about the gun rules and more about how to fix the system that let this young man avoid scrutiny and arrest prior to this shooting.

Real Heroes Were Present That Day: The stories of teachers shielding students and some losing their lives in the process is incredible. The bravery and self sacrifice of those who gave their lives trying to save the kids is medal of honor stuff! They were our best and bravest to be sure.