Airbnb Rentals Destroying Residential Real Estate:  The RB&B problem in San Diego is growing. San Diego city government officials, starting at the top with Mayor Kevin Faulkner have punted. The reality is people are now buying residential houses for the sole purpose of creating vacation rental revenue. The demand for housing is growing and the prices soaring as a result. The answer is a simple one. Rental properties should be permitted but short term vacation rentals turn residential neighborhoods into commercial zones. Last I checked you cannot turn you house into a 7/11 or a hardware store so why is RB&B different?

Oh, I will answer my own question….the real estate lobby. Do your jobs over there at City Hall and take care of the all the people, not simple the wealthy investor class.  Shame on you guys.

San Diego Roads: I had friends visit from Georgia and they could not believe the roads around town and especially around the airport. Potholes, steel plates, hidden bumps and dips….if you live here you know the story. On and on they work on the roads….low bidder gets the work. Once they begin they have to figure out how to make a profit given their crazy low bid they gave to get the work. Less tar, stones, glue…who knows. Our roads suck and we have no snow, ice, rain, or freezing which causes most Midwestern and Eastern cities havoc. Whats the deal?

Oh, I will answer my own question….the lack of credible leadership at the Streets Division and at City Hall. The buck stops with the good Mayor Kevin Faulkner. Are you guys blind? Do you drive to the airport and around town? How many times do you have drive these streets before you realize whoever is running the road show is a dummy….or worse.

Georgia Tourists Amazed To Learn We Already Have A Wall: I took my friends from Georgia to the border to look at the existing two fence wall between the US and Mexico. I showed them the amount of travel back and forth and explained this wall has been there for almost twenty years and works quite well for citizens on both sides of the border. Free and easy “legal” travel occurs every day across at the border. Mexicans work here and live there and many Americans live in Mexico. The big lie….we are walling off Mexico was exposed for these naive Georgian visitors. The double fence at the San Diego Mexico border area works well and helps Border Patrol to handle the smugglers and human traffickers in a much safer way.  So why were these Americans confused?

Oh, I will answer my own question….the full court press of lies pushed continually on the American people by the liberal media, politicians, and radical groups is taken as truth by many Americans and especially democrats and progressives. The failure to look at the proposed completion of the border security wall in a fair and honest way is simply a reflection of these groups left wing goals. An open, uncontrolled border is not simply naive it is completely nuts.