The idea that young people who bring guns to school and do evil deeds is the result of our first amendment rights to own guns is profoundly simplistic and plain wrong. The left, to include the media, school administrations, Hollywood stars, and anti NRA groups immediately jump on the opportunity to push for gun control after one of these terrible shootings. There is little logic in their arguments that banning a particular non semi automatic gun, or eliminating second ammedment rights will prevent future school shootings.

Honesty is needed if we want to stop school shootings. They do not happen in a vacuum. There are almost always tell tale signs and indications if people are paying attention to troubled young students. Hollywood liberals who seize on this issue with the same tenaciousness as a dog grabbing a bone seek to appear both compassionite and our all knowing guides.  Their hypocracy and simplistic thinking is only exceeded by their huge egos.

Everything known about childhood education from early on and into the teen years is that what happens to children along the way to adult hood while they are in their formative years has a profound impact on their success in social, educational, and peer settings. Early negative experiences and inputs have a tremendous impact on their mental health development.

So what do we know about young peoples habits that has a tremendous impact on those who are struggling with the social stresses of the teen years. We know that most kids play video games and that a very large number of young boys from age seven or eight up play violent war games with shooting and killing being the main focus of the game. They play these games hours on end. There are gaming sites where they go on line and play with strangers interacting in real like war scenes. Not only are these young people exposed the game, they are exposed the interaction of the other players who they do not know and who are verbalizing extreme language and violent comments during the games.

Now any honests social scientist, psychologist, psychiatrist, medical doctor, or educator will tell you a constant imput of this type of violent escape video play is dangerous. They will also tell you it is extrmely dangerous for a young person with mental and social stresses. Often times escaping into the game is a way to deal with the life stresses these young people are feeling. The violent games only compound the problem.

It is not far stretch to see a troubled young person eventually acting out violently after growing up with an every day shooting and killing experience while escaping to their video game or groups site.

Visit the Best Buy home page as only one example, and take a look at the games listed. There are many games under the action category that are listed NR…”no rating”. The problem we are having with school shootings is not with the guns. The problem we are having is we as a society, are unwilling, or just too plain dumb, to call out the self defined caring left wing liberals and hollywood and gaming business types to stop producing and selling these mind damaging movies and games to our youth. And frankly we as a society are also participating and enjoying the very violent games and movies that are the basic root cause of all school shootings.

Mental Health professionals have been silent on these matters and it is a big shame on their profession. Ban the guns….no we must ban the games!