San Diego Padres:  As a loyal fan I am done waiting. The promise of future success with investing in the “youth movement” is the equivalent of the political promises made to us  that the budget will soon be balanced….patience is all we need. Lies, lies, and more damned lies. The Padres gave away so many young, very good, players in the past ten years it is stunning to think of the World Series opportunities lost. This year we pay Chase Headly 13 million…he is a pinch hitter batting 138. We sent Travis Jankowski to El Paso and replaced him with players who cannot play defense and who hit no better. With a team that cannot score runs getting rid of a very good defensive outfielder who is also an awesome base stealer might be called… plain dumb. The future…bah humbug…the future is now. Fire the kid manager, Andy Green, and bring us a manager who knows how to lead.

The Federal Bureau of Intimidation:  The raids on the President’s lawyer’s offices is the kind of thing that happens in police states, and is far afield from the rule of law. The FBI has been going after President Trump from day one. The stark difference between how the alleged Trump collusion has been investigated and how the Hillary Clinton “matter” was “non” investigated by the FBI is nothing less than stunning. The American people no longer pay attention and one day they will lose much more than they know. The Special Counsel is off the rails, not investigating a crime but searching for anything in order to stop President Trump. There was no collusion….by Pesident Trump. The collusion has been between the Obama administration Department of Justsice, the Clintons, the FBI,and the Special Counsel.

The Mid Term Election “Only One Issue”: There is only one thing that should determine the mid-term elections. Do voters want Presidnet Donald Trump to continue to improve their economic lives or do they want to stop him from succeeding?  If Republicans are smart they will run on President Trump’s coat tails. We finally have a President who does what he promises to do, and who supports American families and workers. Did I mention he also has given us a tax cut that we should have had years ago, ended unfair trade deals kept in place by previous Presidents, and destroyed ISIS to name but a few things accomplished? This election should be a slam dunk for the Republicans…. if they are smart about it….but given their propensity for self destructive idiocy it is maybe a 50/50 deal.

Run Mode: Our two, nine month old, twin tabbys go into “run mode” two or three times each day. It is so fun to watch them chase each other as they are clearly tuning up their preditor and defensive instincts. Yogi and Boo Boo leap over chairs, climb the blinds, and dash at break neck speeds throug the house for about twenty minutes. They chase each other taking turns being the preditor. I think the by product of this training time is they “get it out of their systems”, whatever “it” is for a cat. I might suggest this for humans as they seem to be having a total blast. I think I will start chasing Eva all over the house twice a day….on second thought a very bad idea…. maybe I will just go clean the bathrooms. Got to get “it” out of my system.