Publish “The Immigration Manual” For All Americans To Read: They can put it out in an “Immigration For Dummies” format since that is what most members of Congress think the American people are….dummies. The average American Citizen does not know what the rules are for a foreign person wanting to immigrate legally to our country. Publish them.

The Student Visa Door: How does a student from China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, India or elsewhere end up in our community college, living in a condo paid by their government…..then they  transfer to a four year school….. later they get an internship from an American based company….. then a work visa….. and then what do you know…a green card???

I want to know the rules here. Millions of kids from wealthy families of other nations are entering our country on student visas and they never leave. Many end up in the tech industry and what do you know….we have had major stealing of our technology and intellectual property.

President Trump says…. “China has been stealing our intellectual property and it must stop”! Really? We are letting these foreign students walk right in to our higher education institutions and companies and essentially handing the intellectual property over to many of them. There are so many student visas issued for all kinds of schools in our country that the numbers of annual immigrants is in the millions.  Do these student visas, when tranferred to work visas, count in our nations numbers on immigration? So many unknowns here.  What are the rules? Most Americans want to know!

The Buy A Real Estate Property Door: Most Americans do not know a rich foreigner can buy a house for over $500,000.00 and get a visa which usually ends up in a green card. And not just green cards for the buyer…. but for his family and relatives who may come to live in the house. These rich foreign buyers are inflating our real estate markets in the major cities, and gaining back door immigration status. President Trump says….“I am for merit based immigraton”.  Really? What are the rules here. Most Americans want to know!

The Start A Business And Employ 14 Workers Door:  Have you wondered why there are so many massage parlors everywhere? This door is the reason. Start up a buisness, employ 14 workers, and you get a free pass to a visa. Then bring in your relatives…14 at least….to run the business and you get more visas. Merit based immigration all the way Mr. President. What are the rules?  Most Americans want to know!

The Foreign Tech Worker “H1-B Visa” Door:  This door is related to the education door but it involves a foreign tech worker getting a special visa to come to America and work because supposedly our education system is not producing eneough computer and engineer related graduates. This door is based on a lie…but the door is there and used by companies, many of them foreign based, who want to being their own workers in to keep the wages lower. This door is complex and mysterioius and no one knows how it really works. What are the rules? Most Americans want to know!

The Sneak Across The Back Fence Door:  This door has been used for over 100 years. Yes, it is the illegal immigrant crossings of our Southern border. The politicans like to focus on this door. It is the ….. “look over here….. why we let in all numbers of people, under all kinds of special rules….. over there”.

This door can be fixed this year. Yes, President Trump’s wall is needed. It is needed not just so we can own our back fence and prevent all kinds of untold crossings into the country…drugs, coyotess, child sex trade, terrorist, and just half of the population of Mexico and Central American wanting an opportunity to be free and safe. We know the rules for this door but the politicans like to move it around, play with it, and pretend they too want the door locked. This problem has been highlighted by the recent family separation law that resulted in a recent Executive order by President Trump. No need to get into the weeds on this. The American people want his door controlled. We are compassionate, graciouis, and kind…but this door has been free wheeling way to long.

Build the wall, start a work visa program at the border like we do with the rich kids we let in to attend our schools colleges, and universites. Call it an “M1-B worker visa program”. I think we know how to do it.  Most Americans want this mess fixed. And yes, the democrats are obstrucing for political gain…so much compassion! “bah hum bug”!

The Amnesty Door:  This door has been around since President Carter’s time in the White House.  Presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush the First, Clinton, Bush the Second, and Obama all allowed this door to work for immigrants. It is realted to the Back Fence door above….sneak in, work, raise a family, be a good citizen (although illegal) and the compassion of the American people will give you a free pass and a green card. Kind of earned in a way, but still illegal. President Trump wants to grant amnesty to over 1.6 milliion Daca illegals and others if the Democrats will support his building a wall and enhancing security on the southern border. Presidnet Trump shows his reasoable side as well as his compassion toward these illegal immigrants. The democrats play politics and obstruct, and….. once again show their compassion. So bad….so bad. The American people get this one. Lets fix the border and write a better law.

“Everybody Knows….”  Leonard Cohen’s famous song… “everybody knows”….applies to the  border immigration mess. Everybody knows the border immigration mess could be fixed this year if the democrats would work with President Trump….everybody knows!