Summer Heat:  August 6th….humans across the planet are roasting. The heat shows no sign of letting up…in fact it is worsening. San Diego is nice along the coast but yesterday afternoon the ocean water temp was 75 degrees, way too warm. Jerry Coleman predicted this…only thing is he called it the normal cycles of the planet. Al Gore predicted this…and he called it man made. You decide….maybe both are happening at once??

The California Homeless and the Governor Browns “fake train”: I used to like Jerry Brown. He went to Cal and so did I. He was leaning toward the ministry and so was I. He spoke his mind and so did I. I thought we had things in common but he changed. I changed too. He recently suckered Californians to approve a 32 billion dollar bond to fund a bullet train from Sacramento to LA.  Four years later the 32 billion is gone….no train, no tracks, and not even a few bullets for the effort. Meanwhile last night 47,000 homeless people slept on the streets of Los Angeles. Democrat waste…..we could have solved the homeless problem with those billions….just thinking.

Lobbyists: I met a lobbyist from Kansas City yesterday. She has her own small lobby firm. She is a dedicated democrat, an eager lobbyist. Lobbying is big business…big money.  Very nice young woman, very smart, very deluded about POTUS….and about the fact the entire lobby system is corruption legalized. The worst lobbist of late is General Flynn. Retired Generals have no business representing foreign governmets to our Senators and Representatives. Shame on General Flynn….not to mention the fact the Turkish government is tyranical,evil, and anti western values. “Core Values” Sir?

California Burning: The California fires are out of control and growing. The heat and winds are not letting up. California has just been given Federal funding declaring it a state of emergency. So far not too many structure lost. Pray for our brave firefighters and pray for rain.