A Tribute To Kimberley R…. : Kimberley died in a tragic car accident 10 years ago today. Kim was a very young 50 years old. She had a heart of gold and gave so much to help others. Her passion for animals, and especially her pet cats, touched all who knew her. Kim you are sorely missed. We know you are with the Lord and we will see you again. Thank you for your sweetness and easy laugh.

Kim was killed instantly while sitting in her stalled car at a red light. She was on the way to work and was the first car at the light on the road leading into town. Her car suddenly died and she could not re-start it. She made a fatal mistake by not getting out of her car and off to the sidewalk, while calling for a tow truck. She was struck in the rear of her car by a speeding driver going 55 mph who only saw the red light change to green….he failed to see Kim sitting there stalled. The driver of the car that hit her was unhurt.

I know Kim would want to send this lesson to all of us…..if your car stalls and you can get out and safely, off to the sidewalk or shoulder, do so. Sitting in a stalled or disabled car on the road or shoulder is dangerous.  Kimberley, we will never forget you…we love you Sis!

The State of the Union Speech: Predident Trump delivered and outstanding speech thorougly covering all of his administration’s major accomplishments as well as the very important ongoing issues like ISIS, Syria, Iran, Russia, China, Trade, the new Mexico-Canada-US Trade deal, and the border wall.

There were so many positives in his message that it is hard for me to see how any American, no matter their political views, could not get behind most of his goals and accomplishments, and especially border security.  The President showed his human side too…. He said, for example… “legal immingrants are welcome here in America. We ust want you to come here legally”….”America will never be a socialist country”….”we need to pass a joint Medical Reform bill that will provide health care for all, cover pre-existing conditions, and reducre drug costs”.  The WWII and Holocost survivors presence was special.

The President is a hands on leader. Rather than speak with eloquent platitudes, President Trump speaks the laguage of the common man or woman. We understand him and he makes no bones about laying out his goals with specifics. His first two years has shown he is not a calculating politician, reading the polls, like tea leaves before speaking or laying out plans and goals. He will never be called an incrimentalist, a label that fits so many in politics and government.

The Border Mess Numbers Growing:  Like everyone in America I am watching the evolving crisis at our Southern border crossing in San Diego. The caravan asylum seekers in Tijuana now number around 6,000. By the end of the month, if the additional caravans continue north, there could be as many as 10,000 Central American asylum seekers in Mexico. The people of Tiuana also are in crisis over this growing number of Central American refugees with daily protests.

Geraldo Rivera’s Border Solution: I am not generally a Geraldo fan however, he recently, on Fox News, offered what I consider a logical, practical, approach to not just the current crisis, but to fixing our inefficient and outdated immigration policies. He suggested a multi-faceted approach with a focus on complete immigration reform to include a viable work visa program. He also called for the DACA fix.