Back in the Saddle:  Many of you have inquired as to when I might get back to The Pomorski Report. I had a back fusion surgery in August and have been struggling to get back on track physically. I am hoping to get things up and running again….this being my first report in some time. Thanks for your concerns and warm support.

The French Valley: Along with the back surgery we recently moved from San Diego fifty miles North, to the French Valley. The French Valley is one of the prettiest rural areas of California. It is filled many fine wineries, farms, lakes, and open fields. The valley is surrounded by mountains to include the “astronomy famous” Palomar Mountain.  The area is served by the French Valley Airport and it appears the jet setters have discovered the easy access this airport affords. Future reports and the upcoming podcast will be based from what I deem to be the last unspoiled piece of Southern California.

Homeless in California: The growing numbers of homeless in this state are finally getting the attention of the citizens. The media can no longer pretend this is merely  an accidental problem caused by unequal economic opportunities. There is some of that, yes, but the majority of the homeless are drug addicted and mentally ill. The feces, tents, and sleeping bodies in just about every nice public place cannot be allowed to continue. For all the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent to fix this problem it is only getting worse by the day. I see homelessness as a new industry benefiting mostly liberal groups. The homeless provide jobs, money, and life long career opportunities to social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, church and non church based help organizations, and now  the newest career field….“feces picker uppers”. I will talk about the right solution to this problem in an upcoming piece…stay tuned.

UFOs: The US Air Force released a report this week confirming many pilots over the past twenty years have documented and reported UFO sightings from the air. I knew a retired Air Force Colonel, a former Vietnam War fighter pilot, who said they routinely referred to the visitors as “the grays“. He said sightings were common stuff. More on UFOs in future reports. Send me your experiences.

Tear Down That Wall Madam Speaker: Speaker Pelosi resides in one of the most exclusive properties in America. She lives in a mansion sitting high on a hill overlooking the San Francisco Bay Area, and the magnificent natural beauty below.  Her home is a gated compound surrounded by “a very secure” security wall.

Less than a half mile away, down the hill in the city, live thousands of homeless people sleeping on sidewalks, park benches, and on the ground. Speaker Pelosi has yet to “tear down her wall” and let them camp on her front yard where there is plenty of room for port a potties, tents, and food stations. While insisting the homeless stay out of her private space she calls a wall on our Southern Border racist, and un-American.

So much nonsense by these these liberal pretenders who say they care for the people but in truth are all about dividing our country and holding on to their political power. Madam Speaker may I ask that you cut the crap and start supporting the funding and building of our border wall as well as true reform of the immigration laws. Work with President Trump to solve the problem.