Caesars Restaurant Tijuana, Mexico: If you have dined at Caesars Restaurant in Tijuana Mexico you know you had a very special experience and you also know you will be going back soon! Caesars is simply the best dining experience in the San Diego/Tijuana region, if not in all of Southern California.  The Caesar salad was invented there in the 1930’s. Caesar’s is a lively, romantic, and exciting restaurant. Firsts class describes Caesars; first class food, international chefs, service second to none, and great value make the trip South of the Border one you will never forget. Getting there from San Diego is easy. Walk across the border, take a 4 minute cab ride to the front door of Caesars and return the same way. If you prefer to drive they valet park your car for $2.50 American and keep it in a secure lot. See you at Caesars!

Chicago Mayor’s Comments On Ice Officers:  The Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, urged Chicago citizens to publicize ICE Officers locations, to not cooperate with ICE, and to hide people who are under court orders for deportation. She is calling for an underground railroad to protect these illegal immigrants who are court ordered for deportation. She is equating ICE Officers, and their mission, with that of the slave owners during the era of slavery. The illegal immigrants are to be viewed not as law breakers but rather innocent victims who need protecting. The government agents enforcing the immigration laws….these are the real bad guys. It does not matter that these immigrants have either had their day in court, or did not show up for their court hearing. Laws matter….all the laws…..or, do they?

Paying Taxes Should Now Be Optional:  Mayor Lightfoot’s recent anti government stand made me think hard and long about following laws. If illegal immigrants who sneak into the country or overstay their visas are being treated as victims when law enforcement attempts to apply the immigration law then why should you or I pay our income taxes? If it is victims the liberals are looking for then there are plenty of tax payers ready to say “look here, help me too”!

These unfair tax laws allow our government to garnish wages, impound automobiles, seize houses and other property, and ultimately put non paying, law breaking, citizens in prison. Lets be honest here, taxes put a big financial hurt on most Americans. Why are there no liberal politicians telling us all we can stop paying them? Taxes are, after all, unfair and put a great financial burden on citizens who must pay them. Save us from those racist, evil, Treasury Agents, Mayor Lightfoot.  Save the illegals seems to be the liberal politicians cry of the day…. but I say “no more taxes”.