The Border Crisis:  The recent news reports of the Texas holding facilities lack of proper housing for the illegal immigrants being held there makes the point that our nation has a “border crisis”. Thousands are crossing illegally each month and most are seeking asylum. The majority of these illegal immigrants are from four main Central America nations. Here are some population demographics:

  1. Nicaragua:   6 million people.
  2. El Salvador: 6 million people
  3. Honduras:    9 million people
  4. Guatemala:  16 million people
  5. Costa Rica:   4 million people
  6. Belize:           330 thousand people
  7. Mexico:        125 million people.

Of the above listed countries most of the illegals are coming from Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Of these countries Guatemala is one of the poorest countries in the world with half of their population living below the poverty level. The other countries have fairly stable economic environments. All of the above countries, with the exception of Costa Rica and Belize, have serious criminal groups and organizations that pose security issues for their citizens.

It Simply A Numbers Game:  The issue is not why this particular make-shift facility in Texas could barely do the job of providing safe and secure housing, but rather why the border patrol had to convert this inadequate building to a holding facility in the first place. There are simply too many people to detain and there are not enough places to put them. The border agents are overwhelmed. They are understaffed, underfunded, and operating under archaic immigration laws.

The failure here is not with the men and women of our Border Patrol, it is with the  members of congress who refuse to pass a modern, and effective, law on immigration. The congress failing to act is the reason we have these kinds of things happening. The media walks arm in arm with the liberals in Congress. They equate the actions of our nations border agents with those of the Concentration camp guards of the Holocaust.  They continue to focus on the holding and housing problem without asking why real solutions are not being enacted by Congress. The fault is not with Trump administration or with the Border Agents, it is with the liberals in the congress who want to have their cake and eat it too. There is just too much political fodder here for them to do the right thing.

Give Them A Court Date…And Let Them All Enter: My advice to President Trump would be to simply give the democrats and the media what they want. Let all but the clearly identifiable criminals enter the country. We give each immigrant an asylum hearing date, a bus ticket to the city of their choice, $500 dollars, and information on where to go for services when they arrive at their destination. A guide showing which US States and Cities are sanctuary locations would also be provided. Since so many politicians from these local to the state sanctuary havens have such concern for these immigrants it is only smart to let them step up and put their money where their mouths are!

Worst Case Scenario: The worst case scenario of this policy would be that half of all of the people living in the four main immigrant source countries would empty out and come to the United States. That would be about 19 million new people entering our country and heading for the Sanctuary locations. Not too bad…I think we can absorb it, eh?  Let these political hypocrites who are doing all of the finger pointing, but providing no pressure on congress to act, show us how to fix this one.