California Global Warming Concerns….where are the trains? The Golden State boasts the 5th largest economy in the world. The state has been run for the past 30 plus years by the democrats. These liberals claim to be concerned about the environment, the working class, the poor, and the homeless. So much poppycock! It is all pure “cow manure”.

State gas tax is 50 cents per gallon: Gas prices in California are the highest in the nation. The current average price is $3.83 per gallon. It goes up and down but never by much. Approximately 14% of each gallon of gas sold goes to the state, purportedly for road maintenance. The tax in Tennessee is 21.4 cents per gallon. The price of gas in Tennessee is $2.34 per gallon. The sale of gas in California is a profitable business for the state of California. The politicians are hooked not just on the gas taxes but also on the lobby monies from the auto and oil industries. Did I mention these politicians are Democrats? Oh, yes I did.

The working poor, single moms, hurt the most…The democrats running the Golden State look the other way as the oil companies continue to gouge the state’s workers who are stuck in their cars. The lack of public transit, and in particular light and medium rail, in and around the urban areas is shameful. The actions, or more correctly put, the inaction’s of these politicians are nothing less than criminal.

Lets See Their Tax Returns: Listen to these hypocrites continue to bash Donald Trump calling for him to release his tax returns while they are creating so much economic stress and hurt on their own state’s working class. The call for Trump’s tax records is a good one….but lets not stop there. I want the tax records of all the local, state, and federal politicians released as well. Lets see where they are getting their money from.

The Bullet Train…all smoke and mirrors: The bullet train was first proposed in the 1980s. It was going to take people from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 2 plus hours. It’s cost was estimated to be 39 billion.

Fast Forward 2019: The train has yet to leave the station. It has gone through numerous revisions from having it go from Sacramento to Los Angeles instead of from San Francisco, to the “bullet” part being taking off the title. Revised time of travel between the two cities has yet to be determined. Cost to date is anywhere from 12 to 15 billion dollars and climbing, of which 80% has been spent on consultants. The new target date of when this non bullet train will begin service is 2033 with an estimated final cost higher than 100 billion dollars.

Jail Stats: So lets look at this…. no train has run since the inception of the idea in 1988. The consultants have pocketed billions in planning, no real train even exists, no track has been laid, no people have been moved. The most amazing number from all of this is the number 0. Zero people have gone to jail! Meanwhile…. they keep raising our gas taxes and protecting the oil companies continual price gouging of the hard working people of California.

They Do Not Care About Us: Do you really think these democrat politicians care about the environment, about the workers, the single moms, the poor, and the homeless? I want to see their tax returns!

General Eisenhower and the Interstate Highway System: President Eisenhower proposed the connecting of cities with a population of 50,000 or higher by an interstate road system in 1956. The Interstate Highway System was deemed completely finished by 1996. President Eisenhower was looking to the future of our nation. The economic boom of America after WWII can be directly tied to his program.

The Inter Urban Transit System: (IUTS): I believe we should now call for the creation of the Inter Urban Transit System of light and medium rail to be built in every city with a population over 50,000. This should be a nationally funded program just like President Eisenhower’s Inter State Highway System (ISHS). Once begun the politicians could then be able to claim they care about the environment, the working class, the single moms, and the poor. Until then….it’s all poppycock!