Rush Limbaugh: Rush telling his listeners today that he has been diagnosed with advanced Lung Cancer was a shock. As a long time Rush fan I was sad to learn of his illness. I hope he knows he is in the prayers of his many followers. The new developments in Lung Cancer treatment give hope.

Kobe Bryant: Kobe’s death along with his daughter and seven others came out of the blue. Mortality has a way of getting our attention when a famous person dies in such an accident. We tend to see the famous as bullet proof. Drug overdoses are expected….but not helicopter crashes into hillsides in zero visibility. My guess is the pilot got vertigo. RIP

Super Bowl Win: The win was for KC but the real win for the game itself. So often the Superbowl is a boring flop. This one was fun to watch. Too many commercials that lasted too long and were too bad…but a great game. I never watch the half time show so I only know that it was rated high. Happy for Andy Greene. He did eat that giant cheeseburger after the win as promised.

Iowa Caucuses: yawwwnn….The candidates: A mediocre Mayor, a communist Senator, a faux Indian, a hypocrite former VP… claiming high character, a Senator named Amy who is looking for a surprise, and of course the caucus attenders, media, and then the rest of us. All this action, attention, and noise for a measly 41 total delegates. Not a winner take all State.

The Pomorski Report Podcast: Coming soon in 2020….The Pomorski Report podcast with Michael Hawke bringing you conservative views and thoughts from his bunker in the French Valley of Southern California! Get ready for an educational and informative show with humor, guests, and more.