Mitt Romney’s dumb idea: It would be nice to just think his suggestion of having the Federal Government pay each and every American $1,000. to stimulate the economy was simply dumb. The fact is it goes way beyond dumb. It insults working people, students, seniors, single moms and dads, and all the rest of us too. His idea of giving us all one thousand dollars would be a one time payment. Will it help stimulate the economy? I am sure it will…but for only about two weeks. Will it help the millions now out of work and unable to pay rent, food, student loans, credit card and car loan debt? No, it won’t even nick their money needs.

It is a frivolous idea put out there by a very detached elite politician. Romney, and all the other “political saviors” are unable to grasp the real problem the American people face as they now have to “hunker down” for the next three or more months. Most working people of America live pay check to pay check. Miss three months of pay checks and guess what…. home, car, food, medical, and so much more goes in the toilet…. and in there without paper too! People will be financially ruined by summer time. Big business and political elite will come out on top.

It’s all about the banks: Lets step back a day. The Federal Reserve yesterday lowered the interest rate for banks borrowing money to 0% ….yes, that’s right, 0%! So as not to be confused the reasoning stated for this interest rate reduction by the Fed was to help the banks get through this tough time and allow them easy money in order to…..”stimulate the economy”. The banks will be helping big business and some small businesses too to keep going when their income sources shrink or even dry up. The entire auto industry as well as every large corporation in American will get easy low interest loans, as well as free money too, to get them through this crisis.

But for the American workers, the students, the single moms, and the rest of us…a one time $1,000 dollars will do the trick….according to Mitt guided by his ethics, religion and strong moral compass. Meanwhile people will continue to owe on their 12%, 14%, 18% and higher loans and credit card debt. They will not be able to get loans from the banks. The credit card companies and big banks will not give a three month grace period to allow people breathing room while no income is coming in. No, the “banks and financial institutions “and their elite customers will get a strong helping handout from the Federal Government. The rest of us….well, we will get a thousand dollars. Glad these politicians are looking out for us.

The airlines, cruise lines, and ground transportation will all be funded: President Trump made it clear today that the airlines too will get big bailouts. They will get the money needed to keep going and be ready to fly full and fast when this is crisis is over. The Federal Government will back them 100%. When the crisis is over we can all get back to flying….if we can afford it.

What “the American people” really need: As I stated it is a “pay check to pay check” life for most Americans. The Federal Government should give everyone reduced interest rates on all credit card and auto loans. I mean lower it….2%, and make it for the life of the loans. Also give forgiveness on all late payments. Further give a three month window of no payments. This would be for all loans to include mortgage and rent payments. Now this is a stimulant program that will help “all” Americans. This would get the working class through this crisis and, like the airlines, allow them to ” be up and running” when the crisis ends.

Oh, and if you want to still give the American people cash to stimulate things Mitt, lets make a $1,000 dollars a month for the next three months to get them through it. You know gas, food, supplies, and the like.

Michael Hawke