The essence of things lies right before our very eyes, and no PhD is required to have a “eureka” moment. All that is required is a little thought and awareness to piece the mysteries of life together. Take, for example, the world’s number two most profound icon: the logo for Apple Computers. It depicts an apple with a bite taken out of it.

What is the significance of such an image? What was the designer trying to convey? It’s elementary. The apple is the iconic fruit of the Tree of Knowledge from the Garden of Eden. The bite expresses Man’s original sin of disobeying God by eating of the forbidden fruit only to discover his nakedness. Man then, expelled from Paradise, embarks on his journey of exploration and understanding of the world around him, which, after millennia, culminates with the entire body of Knowledge right in the palm of his hand — the IPhone. Access to the information super-highway right at his fingertips — all from one bite. “Crunch!”

The logo is genius, pure undiluted genius. And that is the number two most profound icon in the world. What, dear reader, could be number one? Interested in taking the deep dive into Red Pill consciousness? Subscribe to the Pomorski Report.