Happy New Year!

2021: Yes 2021 has finally arrived and 2020 is now in the rear view mirror….sort of.  We at the Pomorski Report thank you all for your support and look forward to expanding our outreach in 2021. While many mainline sites and servers are using censorship to limit ideas and freedom of thought we will always actively promote free and open speech.

The Censorship Threat: Censorship in the modern media platforms of our 21st century life is now very real. Where in the past political tyrants would censor the press, today we have the media leaders now censoring those with differing political thoughts. The new tyrants now control the ideas permitted on their platforms. The message to the people can only be given if it conforms with their tenants.

Lies, Lies, and More Lies: To know these so called moral decisions to censor are patent lies one simply needs to look on these sites and see what they do not censor. They censor President Trump… they allow Chairman Chi and the CCP free access. Their control of information is simply a monopoly. Their reasons for censoring people or taking their posts and tweets down is always in the guise of “protecting the public interest and safety of the community”. Laughable if it were not so very blatantly dangerous to our freedoms.

Patriots or Whores?: The challenges ahead are great, but nothing short of historic. Will our Senators, Congresspersons, and Supreme Court Justices  stand up against these threats to our basic constitutional freedoms… or will they buckle under the K street lobby money? We shall soon see who are the patriots and who are the whores. Stay tuned.

I pray God will bless and prosper you and your loved ones in the coming year. Stay connected with The Pomorski Report for honest, open and free discourse of ideas.

Michael Hawke