Biden Gas Crisis: Last summer Cosco gas prices in California were under $2.50 per gallon. Today, less than 60 days after the inauguration, they are at $3.79 per gallon and climbing. In the community where I live many stations are at $4.00 and higher. The petroleum industry is predicting between $5.00 and $6.00 by August. So in less than one year President Biden will have picked the pocket books of Americans at the pumps! Oh, and as for the reasoning that higher prices will lead to people buying more electric vehicles all I can say is … which people? The poor and middle working folks are going to be hit very hard. Gas prices are a hidden tax on the poor.

Biden Border Crisis: The border is in Crisis. No amount of spin from the left can change the fact that the Biden open border policy is a disaster. More than a disaster it reveals who Biden really is. He is a mere political puppet and a man with a fragile ego. His proclamations during the campaign of working for all Americans if elected was a lie. In less than 30 days he has dismantled a tri lateral agreement with three Central American countries and Mexico that had created order at the border. All four countries benefitted from the agreement and have since stated the Biden Open Border policy is a mistake. The left wing media is incapable of treating this crisis honestly. During the Trump administration they did everything they could to paint Trump as a heartless monster who separated families and caged little kids. today the border patrol experts and by the way these are people who know and understand border control all claim Biden had let loose a tiger. Child trafficking, drug smuggling, and human border smuggling are out of control. Good job Mr. President…..your ego could not allow anything Donald Trump did, good or bad, stand. By all measures President Trump’s border policy and actions was working and should have been supported not canceled.

Biden Press Conference Crisis: President Biden refuses to hold a press conference where he will have to answer direct questions for the media. The reason is he is unable to handle this kind of communication. President Trump answered questions daily from the media and even when they were clearly out to get him he made himself accessible. He also kept the American people informed via Twitter on a daily basis. President Biden is in hiding and the media are now realizing how great it was dealing with a President who was straightforward and an open book. When President Biden holds an open press conference, if he holds one, it will the beginning of the end for him. It will be the lead up to his resignation and Vice President Harris’s becoming President. This by the way was the plan from day one.