Three military Generals, one who is now the Secretary of Defense, blundered the Afghanistan withdrawal operation. All three submitted to the decisions of President Joe Biden, a 54 year Washington politician with a history of getting every single military decision he was party to wrong. He has always been and will now be rightly remembered as an idiot.

The blame here does not lie with Joe Biden as much with his military advisors who allowed choices and critical decisions at every step of the way to proceed in spite of their knowing they were wrong and would likely lead to disaster.

Not one of these three senior, experienced military officers put their rank on the table and said to Joe Biden…”not going to do it like this….it will not work, it will harm us both now and in the future”. No, these three so called leaders just kept their jobs and said to Joe…good plan, we can make it work. The truth is the plan was horseshit from the start.

Now that everyone in America and around the world can see their plan was the very worst of all the options they had to choose from these guys, starting with President Joe Biden, are shifting blame. They blame the former President Donald Trump, the Afghan Army, the Taliban for doing a bad job at their check points, the conservative media, and even the people trying to flee, both American Citizens and those who supported us in the fight. No “concentric circle” self checking here that’s for sure!

GEN Bruce Clarke on military leadership: ” When things go wrong in your command. start searching for the reasons in increasingly larger concentric circles around your own desk.”

These three Generals should resign today and if they refuse they should be relieved of their commands and court martialed for dereliction of duty, treason, and dishonor before the enemy. Their actions, from the abandonment of Bagram Air Base to the failure to order in enough troops to secure the perimeter of Kabul Airport, are negligent and criminal. The weaponry they left on the ground for the Taliban will ensure we no longer own the the night or the sky in the future when facing these terrorist enemies on the battlefield.

GEN Dwight D Eisenhower on leadership: ” Nothing is easy in war. Mistakes are always paid for in casualties and troops are quick to sense any blunder made by their commanders”

The troops, the nation, our allies, and especially our enemies can clearly see these guys blundered. They acted with reckless disregard for the safety of our troops, our allies on the ground, the American citizens ,and the Afghans seeking refuge. These three Generals, who by the way all fail to meet military weight and fitness standers, are a disgrace to the uniforms they wear and positions they hold.

A final note regarding President Biden. He is incompetent mentally and must resign immediately. President Biden, of all the leadership team who made this disaster happen, might be the least to blame due to his limited cognitive ability. He simply is not up for the job.

Michael Hawke