President Biden insults all thinking Americans: He continues to tell the American people the following message: ” I will do everything in my power to ease the pain of the American people at the pump”. He claims to be asking other petroleum producers to reach into their reserves to ease our rising oil prices. He also said his administration will release some of our oil reserves.

Russia is still supplying oil to America: After President Biden took office he stopped the keystone pipeline, fracking, and the leases for oil and gas development. We were an oil exporter on December 31, 2020 and by February of 2021 we were importing oil. Today, as I write this, Russia is the number 2 supplier of oil to America behind Saudi Arabia. We went from energy independence under Trump to energy dependence under Biden.

Russia is nothing more than a gas station for the world: If Russia cannot sell its oil and natural gas it is broke. By one stroke of the pen President Biden green lighted Putin’s plan to take over Ukraine. Putin would not have been able, or willing, to risk this aggression in Ukraine had America remained a leading oil supplier to the world.

Biden’s and his “New Green Deal” lies: No one talks of the illogicalness of America shutting down her oil and gas production so Russia, China, India, and OPEC can spew out dirty coal and green house gasses into the ozone sphere. We produce the cleanest energy of any of these oil producers and for President Biden to shut US production down for the good of the planet is either plain stupid, or hypocrisy driven by foreign lobby money.

Restart Trump energy policies and stop buying Russian gas and oil: Americans need to wake up and call him out on this lie. It is a whopper! He is not doing “all he can” to ease our pain at the pump and help Ukraine. He is asking the American people to bear the cost of the US not reinstituting the Trump energy policies. Worse, he is supporting Russian aggression in Ukraine with every barrel of Russian oil we buy. He is the worst kind of liar. He is letting people die in order to cover up the truth and keep his globalist green deal supporters happy. In other words, he is doing nothing to ease our pain at the pump. He is easing Putin’s path to taking over Ukraine.

Michael Hawke