The Inter Urban Transit System….by, Michael Hawke

California Global Warming Concerns….where are the trains? The Golden State boasts the 5th largest economy in the world. The state has been run for the past 30 plus years by the democrats. These liberals claim to be concerned about the environment, the working class, the poor, and the homeless. So much poppycock! It is all pure “cow manure”.

State gas tax is 50 cents per gallon: Gas prices in California are the highest in the nation. The current average price is $3.83 per gallon. It goes up and down but never by much. Approximately 14% of each gallon of gas sold goes to the state, purportedly for road maintenance. The tax in Tennessee is 21.4 cents per gallon. The price of gas in Tennessee is $2.34 per gallon. The sale of gas in California is a profitable business for the state of California. The politicians are hooked not just on the gas taxes but also on the lobby monies from the auto and oil industries. Did I mention these politicians are Democrats? Oh, yes I did.

The working poor, single moms, hurt the most…The democrats running the Golden State look the other way as the oil companies continue to gouge the state’s workers who are stuck in their cars. The lack of public transit, and in particular light and medium rail, in and around the urban areas is shameful. The actions, or more correctly put, the inaction’s of these politicians are nothing less than criminal.

Lets See Their Tax Returns: Listen to these hypocrites continue to bash Donald Trump calling for him to release his tax returns while they are creating so much economic stress and hurt on their own state’s working class. The call for Trump’s tax records is a good one….but lets not stop there. I want the tax records of all the local, state, and federal politicians released as well. Lets see where they are getting their money from.

The Bullet Train…all smoke and mirrors: The bullet train was first proposed in the 1980s. It was going to take people from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 2 plus hours. It’s cost was estimated to be 39 billion.

Fast Forward 2019: The train has yet to leave the station. It has gone through numerous revisions from having it go from Sacramento to Los Angeles instead of from San Francisco, to the “bullet” part being taking off the title. Revised time of travel between the two cities has yet to be determined. Cost to date is anywhere from 12 to 15 billion dollars and climbing, of which 80% has been spent on consultants. The new target date of when this non bullet train will begin service is 2033 with an estimated final cost higher than 100 billion dollars.

Jail Stats: So lets look at this…. no train has run since the inception of the idea in 1988. The consultants have pocketed billions in planning, no real train even exists, no track has been laid, no people have been moved. The most amazing number from all of this is the number 0. Zero people have gone to jail! Meanwhile…. they keep raising our gas taxes and protecting the oil companies continual price gouging of the hard working people of California.

They Do Not Care About Us: Do you really think these democrat politicians care about the environment, about the workers, the single moms, the poor, and the homeless? I want to see their tax returns!

General Eisenhower and the Interstate Highway System: President Eisenhower proposed the connecting of cities with a population of 50,000 or higher by an interstate road system in 1956. The Interstate Highway System was deemed completely finished by 1996. President Eisenhower was looking to the future of our nation. The economic boom of America after WWII can be directly tied to his program.

The Inter Urban Transit System: (IUTS): I believe we should now call for the creation of the Inter Urban Transit System of light and medium rail to be built in every city with a population over 50,000. This should be a nationally funded program just like President Eisenhower’s Inter State Highway System (ISHS). Once begun the politicians could then be able to claim they care about the environment, the working class, the single moms, and the poor. Until then….it’s all poppycock!

The Border Should Be Opened…. by, Michael Hawke

The Border Crisis:  The recent news reports of the Texas holding facilities lack of proper housing for the illegal immigrants being held there makes the point that our nation has a “border crisis”. Thousands are crossing illegally each month and most are seeking asylum. The majority of these illegal immigrants are from four main Central America nations. Here are some population demographics:

  1. Nicaragua:   6 million people.
  2. El Salvador: 6 million people
  3. Honduras:    9 million people
  4. Guatemala:  16 million people
  5. Costa Rica:   4 million people
  6. Belize:           330 thousand people
  7. Mexico:        125 million people.

Of the above listed countries most of the illegals are coming from Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Of these countries Guatemala is one of the poorest countries in the world with half of their population living below the poverty level. The other countries have fairly stable economic environments. All of the above countries, with the exception of Costa Rica and Belize, have serious criminal groups and organizations that pose security issues for their citizens.

It Simply A Numbers Game:  The issue is not why this particular make-shift facility in Texas could barely do the job of providing safe and secure housing, but rather why the border patrol had to convert this inadequate building to a holding facility in the first place. There are simply too many people to detain and there are not enough places to put them. The border agents are overwhelmed. They are understaffed, underfunded, and operating under archaic immigration laws.

The failure here is not with the men and women of our Border Patrol, it is with the  members of congress who refuse to pass a modern, and effective, law on immigration. The congress failing to act is the reason we have these kinds of things happening. The media walks arm in arm with the liberals in Congress. They equate the actions of our nations border agents with those of the Concentration camp guards of the Holocaust.  They continue to focus on the holding and housing problem without asking why real solutions are not being enacted by Congress. The fault is not with Trump administration or with the Border Agents, it is with the liberals in the congress who want to have their cake and eat it too. There is just too much political fodder here for them to do the right thing.

Give Them A Court Date…And Let Them All Enter: My advice to President Trump would be to simply give the democrats and the media what they want. Let all but the clearly identifiable criminals enter the country. We give each immigrant an asylum hearing date, a bus ticket to the city of their choice, $500 dollars, and information on where to go for services when they arrive at their destination. A guide showing which US States and Cities are sanctuary locations would also be provided. Since so many politicians from these local to the state sanctuary havens have such concern for these immigrants it is only smart to let them step up and put their money where their mouths are!

Worst Case Scenario: The worst case scenario of this policy would be that half of all of the people living in the four main immigrant source countries would empty out and come to the United States. That would be about 19 million new people entering our country and heading for the Sanctuary locations. Not too bad…I think we can absorb it, eh?  Let these political hypocrites who are doing all of the finger pointing, but providing no pressure on congress to act, show us how to fix this one.

The Daily Mix…, Michael Hawke

Caesars Restaurant Tijuana, Mexico: If you have dined at Caesars Restaurant in Tijuana Mexico you know you had a very special experience and you also know you will be going back soon! Caesars is simply the best dining experience in the San Diego/Tijuana region, if not in all of Southern California.  The Caesar salad was invented there in the 1930’s. Caesar’s is a lively, romantic, and exciting restaurant. Firsts class describes Caesars; first class food, international chefs, service second to none, and great value make the trip South of the Border one you will never forget. Getting there from San Diego is easy. Walk across the border, take a 4 minute cab ride to the front door of Caesars and return the same way. If you prefer to drive they valet park your car for $2.50 American and keep it in a secure lot. See you at Caesars!

Chicago Mayor’s Comments On Ice Officers:  The Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, urged Chicago citizens to publicize ICE Officers locations, to not cooperate with ICE, and to hide people who are under court orders for deportation. She is calling for an underground railroad to protect these illegal immigrants who are court ordered for deportation. She is equating ICE Officers, and their mission, with that of the slave owners during the era of slavery. The illegal immigrants are to be viewed not as law breakers but rather innocent victims who need protecting. The government agents enforcing the immigration laws….these are the real bad guys. It does not matter that these immigrants have either had their day in court, or did not show up for their court hearing. Laws matter….all the laws…..or, do they?

Paying Taxes Should Now Be Optional:  Mayor Lightfoot’s recent anti government stand made me think hard and long about following laws. If illegal immigrants who sneak into the country or overstay their visas are being treated as victims when law enforcement attempts to apply the immigration law then why should you or I pay our income taxes? If it is victims the liberals are looking for then there are plenty of tax payers ready to say “look here, help me too”!

These unfair tax laws allow our government to garnish wages, impound automobiles, seize houses and other property, and ultimately put non paying, law breaking, citizens in prison. Lets be honest here, taxes put a big financial hurt on most Americans. Why are there no liberal politicians telling us all we can stop paying them? Taxes are, after all, unfair and put a great financial burden on citizens who must pay them. Save us from those racist, evil, Treasury Agents, Mayor Lightfoot.  Save the illegals seems to be the liberal politicians cry of the day…. but I say “no more taxes”.




The Daily Mix…, Michael Hawke

Back in the Saddle:  Many of you have inquired as to when I might get back to The Pomorski Report. I had a back fusion surgery in August and have been struggling to get back on track physically. I am hoping to get things up and running again….this being my first report in some time. Thanks for your concerns and warm support.

The French Valley: Along with the back surgery we recently moved from San Diego fifty miles North, to the French Valley. The French Valley is one of the prettiest rural areas of California. It is filled many fine wineries, farms, lakes, and open fields. The valley is surrounded by mountains to include the “astronomy famous” Palomar Mountain.  The area is served by the French Valley Airport and it appears the jet setters have discovered the easy access this airport affords. Future reports and the upcoming podcast will be based from what I deem to be the last unspoiled piece of Southern California.

Homeless in California: The growing numbers of homeless in this state are finally getting the attention of the citizens. The media can no longer pretend this is merely  an accidental problem caused by unequal economic opportunities. There is some of that, yes, but the majority of the homeless are drug addicted and mentally ill. The feces, tents, and sleeping bodies in just about every nice public place cannot be allowed to continue. For all the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent to fix this problem it is only getting worse by the day. I see homelessness as a new industry benefiting mostly liberal groups. The homeless provide jobs, money, and life long career opportunities to social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, church and non church based help organizations, and now  the newest career field….“feces picker uppers”. I will talk about the right solution to this problem in an upcoming piece…stay tuned.

UFOs: The US Air Force released a report this week confirming many pilots over the past twenty years have documented and reported UFO sightings from the air. I knew a retired Air Force Colonel, a former Vietnam War fighter pilot, who said they routinely referred to the visitors as “the grays“. He said sightings were common stuff. More on UFOs in future reports. Send me your experiences.

Tear Down That Wall Madam Speaker: Speaker Pelosi resides in one of the most exclusive properties in America. She lives in a mansion sitting high on a hill overlooking the San Francisco Bay Area, and the magnificent natural beauty below.  Her home is a gated compound surrounded by “a very secure” security wall.

Less than a half mile away, down the hill in the city, live thousands of homeless people sleeping on sidewalks, park benches, and on the ground. Speaker Pelosi has yet to “tear down her wall” and let them camp on her front yard where there is plenty of room for port a potties, tents, and food stations. While insisting the homeless stay out of her private space she calls a wall on our Southern Border racist, and un-American.

So much nonsense by these these liberal pretenders who say they care for the people but in truth are all about dividing our country and holding on to their political power. Madam Speaker may I ask that you cut the crap and start supporting the funding and building of our border wall as well as true reform of the immigration laws. Work with President Trump to solve the problem.




The Daily Mix……by, Michael Hawke

Padres Sign Manny Machado:  Free agent, Manny Machado signed a ten-year, $300,000,000 million dollar, contract with the San Diego Padres. Seems like the Padres ownership has finally stepped up to the plate!  This is now the highest paid contract in Major League sports. Manny Machado is one happy baseball player and is really excited to be joining the San Diego Padres!

Hayden Williams….Newest Member of “The Sucker Punched Club”: Welcome to the club Hayden. I myself am a member as are many famous, and not so famous, people. Remember Geno Smith, NFL quarterback? He joined the club last year after getting sucker punched by a teammate.  You are in good company young man. I find it interesting that most people who are sucker punched are hit by a person who is both bigger and stronger. These “sucker punchers” are so frustrated by their inability to verbalize their thoughts and ideas once they realize they have nothing to say they revert to verbal abuse and physical violence. Their use of the sucker punch is pretty safe for them and they almost always flee after punching their victims.

Hayden there are no membership card privileges but if you want to pay a membership fee just send it to me. As a matter of observation I thought you handled the punch with grace and dignity. You can definitely take a hit! Keep up the conservative fight.

I graduated from U.C. Berkeley in 1980 with a degree in Political Science. Back then, post Vietnam War, Cal was moderating a bit. The past thirty years or so has led to the total liberalization of the Berkeley faculty, pretty much from top to bottom. The cost of this intellectual imbalance has been great on the students who have attended and graduated from Cal. Brainwashed is almost too mild a term to describe their inability to think critically about political and social matters.

Anyway kid….welcome to the club. The focus for most of us in the Sucker Punched Club is to never let it happen again. No need for more pain and humiliation as one punch is all that is needed to become a lifetime member.

Jussie Smollett: I suggest you read or listen to Geraldo Rivera who was on Fox News Friday. He summed up this incident and spared no words on Smollett’s self promoting racist scam. I find it interesting how the left news media outlets expressed shock and condemnation blaming President Trump when the now out of work actor initially reported the fake attacks. The Chicago Police Chief, an African-American, laid out the charges against him and labeled him a despicable human being on Friday. The liberal media were mum. There was little to no coverage of this new development and their focus quickly shifted to the crazy Coast Guard Lt who had plans to kill democrats and media persons.

As for Jussie Smollett’s premeditated plans to “attack himself” and then report it as a hate crime I remind the readers there is no connection whatsoever between acting skills and intelligence.  Jussie Smollett made a really dumb move which will follow him for the rest of his life, a punishment worse than prison time and fines, which he will also have to suffer.

An upside for him is that he may be eligible for admission into the Sucker Punched Club due to sucker punching himself. To date no one has been admitted under this status but there is a first time for everything.

A Dumb Joke:  A penguin walked into a pub.  He went up to the bar and asked the bartender…. “have you seen my brother” ? The bartender paused, then looked around the bar, and said…. “I don’t know…what does he look like”?

The Daily Mix…….by, Michael Hawke

The Pebble Beach Pro-Am Open:  This is one of the best golf tournaments on the PGA Tour. The pros teamed with amateurs makes for fun golf. Needless to say if you have been watching this weekend’s event you watched some exciting golf.

Phil Micklelson’s Three Shot Lead-Two Holes To Go: Not much work will get done in offices around the country on Monday morning due to the last two holes being teed off around 08:30 AM Pacific Coast Time. Workers will be heads down on their computers, not doing work, but rather watching as Phil goes into the morning ahead by three strokes, with two holes to go. I am rooting for him all the way. He has been my favorite on the PGA Tour for many years. My mother, Rita, would always try to watch every PGA event he played in. She loved watching Phil play golf and followed his career closely.  I would have to label mom a Phil Mickelson groupie. She would regularly comment on how much she loved his aggressive play, reckless even, at times, but very fun to watch. Mom will be looking down on him tomorrow…..watching him close out his 5th Pebble Beach Trophy. Win this one for my mom Phil!

The University of California Needs To Go Private: In this Sunday’s San Diego Tribune, front page story, Gary Robbins writes how “international student enrollment” at UC San Diego is pushing 25%. The UC Officials cite their oft heard defense that they do not get enough tax funding to maintain their status as a “first class university” on par with schools like, Stanford, Harvard, and the like.

The University of California Regents justify reducing the seats offered to California student residents….your kids, and grandkids in order to keep the University of California a top notch institution of learning. They have decided to “sell” our kid’s UC seats to Chinese, Indian, and other foreign students in order to have the money needed to do what they are supposed to be doing, which is educating our students.  The article failed to list how many of the remaining seats go to “out of state” students, which also brings in higher tuition revenues.  Foreign, and out of state, student admissions are nearing 50% of total seats taken by all students UC wide.

What this means for these hard working, smart, California kids is their chances of attending the University of California, at any campus, are extremely slim.  The parents, and grandparents, worked year in and year out paying high California taxes as their kids transitioned through grade school and high school, believing it would pay dividends for them in the end.  When these kids finish up and are ready to apply to UC schools what do they get?  They get an “I am sorry to inform you” letter from the admissions office. The best of our California kids, finishing with 4.0 GPAs and higher, find it “a crap shoot” at best to get admitted to a U.C. School.

This sucks for them but also it sucks for mom and dad….and the grandparents too. Is this really “The University of California”…or has it evolved into a semi-private school system that caters to whoever they choose, based on their goal to bring in the most money per seat?

It is time for the University of California to stop taking tax money from the residents of California. If you live in California and have a young child you hope to will attend a UC school one day in the future then move to Beijing, Toronto, Mexico City,….anyplace but California.  Your kid’s chances of admission will be far better.

The Regents need to come clean with the citizens of California and admit they are using our tax monies to benefit a private school system.  They should stop taking my tax money, and yours too. They call our tax support meager and they marginalize the importance of our students.  I suggest the State of California begin a ten year draw down of support after which time they no longer contribute any tax monies to the UC system.  After the ten years pass the Regents can admit whoever they want, but they also must drop the name “The University of California”.

As things now stand I know I would benefit more, as would my kids, and grandkids, by the State of California redirecting my tax portion to fix the local potholes in San Diego.


Michael Hawke





The Daily Mix……by, Michael Hawke

A Tribute To Kimberley R…. : Kimberley died in a tragic car accident 10 years ago today. Kim was a very young 50 years old. She had a heart of gold and gave so much to help others. Her passion for animals, and especially her pet cats, touched all who knew her. Kim you are sorely missed. We know you are with the Lord and we will see you again. Thank you for your sweetness and easy laugh.

Kim was killed instantly while sitting in her stalled car at a red light. She was on the way to work and was the first car at the light on the road leading into town. Her car suddenly died and she could not re-start it. She made a fatal mistake by not getting out of her car and off to the sidewalk, while calling for a tow truck. She was struck in the rear of her car by a speeding driver going 55 mph who only saw the red light change to green….he failed to see Kim sitting there stalled. The driver of the car that hit her was unhurt.

I know Kim would want to send this lesson to all of us…..if your car stalls and you can get out and safely, off to the sidewalk or shoulder, do so. Sitting in a stalled or disabled car on the road or shoulder is dangerous.  Kimberley, we will never forget you…we love you Sis!

The State of the Union Speech: Predident Trump delivered and outstanding speech thorougly covering all of his administration’s major accomplishments as well as the very important ongoing issues like ISIS, Syria, Iran, Russia, China, Trade, the new Mexico-Canada-US Trade deal, and the border wall.

There were so many positives in his message that it is hard for me to see how any American, no matter their political views, could not get behind most of his goals and accomplishments, and especially border security.  The President showed his human side too…. He said, for example… “legal immingrants are welcome here in America. We ust want you to come here legally”….”America will never be a socialist country”….”we need to pass a joint Medical Reform bill that will provide health care for all, cover pre-existing conditions, and reducre drug costs”.  The WWII and Holocost survivors presence was special.

The President is a hands on leader. Rather than speak with eloquent platitudes, President Trump speaks the laguage of the common man or woman. We understand him and he makes no bones about laying out his goals with specifics. His first two years has shown he is not a calculating politician, reading the polls, like tea leaves before speaking or laying out plans and goals. He will never be called an incrimentalist, a label that fits so many in politics and government.

The Border Mess Numbers Growing:  Like everyone in America I am watching the evolving crisis at our Southern border crossing in San Diego. The caravan asylum seekers in Tijuana now number around 6,000. By the end of the month, if the additional caravans continue north, there could be as many as 10,000 Central American asylum seekers in Mexico. The people of Tiuana also are in crisis over this growing number of Central American refugees with daily protests.

Geraldo Rivera’s Border Solution: I am not generally a Geraldo fan however, he recently, on Fox News, offered what I consider a logical, practical, approach to not just the current crisis, but to fixing our inefficient and outdated immigration policies. He suggested a multi-faceted approach with a focus on complete immigration reform to include a viable work visa program. He also called for the DACA fix.



President Trump’s “Promises Made- Promises Kept”…, Michael Hawke

Happy New Year:  Did you notice 2018 went by really fast? The older I get the more clear to me is Einstein’s theory of relativity. I also notice daily the novel 1984 is playing out right before our eyes and no one seems to see it, or care. Big Brother is in charge. I give thanks that I had the opportunity to live one more year on planet earth. I pray a healthy and prosperous New Year for all… “Be Good and Do Good”!

To General Mattis: Dear Sir, thank you for your long and faithful service to our nation. I hold you in high esteem. That being said you disappointed me with your exit criticisms, and negative remarks, regarding your disagreement with the President. I heard you speak of allies, loyalty, and other things. I remind you Sir that Donald Trump got elected because he promised to work for the American people, first and foremost. From my perspective I see him doing just that. I will save the run down on all of his completed promises so far but lets remember one he kept….that none of his predicessors did….he moved our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem!

In the United States Military the buck is supposed to stop at the top. Sir, I do not recall you making any open critiques of General Flynn turning lobbyist, and of all the countries he chose to work for, and profit from….Turkey. Turkey may be an ally but they are no friend. We never got a thing from the Turks that we did not have to pay for in blood and or money. The Turkish government is a dictatorship and repressive toward their own people. They are also genocidal toward minority groups like the Kurds and Armenians.

General do you support the system that has been in place for years where by our senior military leaders retire and then go to work for companies as lobbyist to the Pentagon? Do you not see the corrupt nature of this practice? Do you think it is right, say for a Navy Captain who is in charge of buying certain items for the fleet to retire and then two years later he or she is representing the same company, selling items to the military and making a high six figure salary. No, it is not right, moral, or particularly sophisticated….and it flys in the face of core millitary values. It is simiply a corrupt system. It is the ” Fat Leonard” scandal multiplied by a million. General Flynn should be prosecuted not for his lying to the FBI, but rather for representing a foreign nation as a lobbyist.

Speakling of the Fat Leonard Scandal: I do not recall you making an open comment about the Fat Leonard scandal. I do recall many junior and mid level leaders getting prison time and more. I do not recall one senior Admiral getting anything more than a kiss on the cheek. No Admirals lost their retirements, their rank, or had any financial fines that cost them more than mere annoyance. The junior guys got slammed. Kind of lacking moral justice here don’t you think? And really General, is not the whole lobby system as applied to the Departmet of Defense just as corrupt as what went on in the Phillipines with Fat Leonard?

General Petraeus Also Got a Kiss on the Cheek: I also do not recall any open comment on the good General Petraeus who took full advantage of his rank and power to have a mistress in theatre….and there was the whole thing about classified documents being breached. I never heard anything but what a great leader he was….but what about this moral breakdown?  What about Core Army Values? What about all those soldiers he led who did not have time with their families while in theater? A kiss on the cheek. He should have gone to jail. Moral judgement you might think….yeah that is what it is.

Speaking of Loyalty to Allies: General you implied President Trump was too cozy toward Putin, Chi, and Kim, all dictators and tyrants, and too harsh with our allies.  A famous Chinese General, Sun-tzu, is often credited with the saying….“keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.  Michael Corleone, in “Godfather II”, is also credited with this saying, as is Machiavelli, in “The Prince”. I believe it’s true origin can be found in the military plans of King David of Israel. It is, after all, a sound strategy to apply when dealing with dangerous threats. Regardless of it’s origin it should be obvioius that President Trump has adopted this approach in dealing with our enemies, and it is proving to be quite effective.

Trump’s Actions Toward Our Enemies: President Trump showers compliments on all three of these bad guys, yet his actions speak loud and clear. He has placed, justifiably so, tarrifs on China, he has put sactions on Russia, and he is close to putting bombs on Kim’s rocket bases. President Trump is shrewd and realistic….he is also tough. He keeps his friends close…and his enemies closer.

Trump’s Actions Toward Our Friends:General Matis you spoke of the need to stand strong with our allies. I think President Trump is doing just this. The best way to keep NATO strong and our allies close is to have honest, trust based, relations. All of the previous Presidents, going  back to Jimmy Carter, just looked the other way regarding the lack of monetary support for the defense of NATO by our friends. For the last 70 years the United States tax payer has been footing the bill for the defense of Europe, Japan, and much of the free the world. I do not need to tell you Sir the high costs of these military actions and the huge impact on our national debt. Donald Trump spoke directly, and correctly, calling for these very prospereous European countries, as well as Japan, to start paying up for our millitary support. This was a needed action and it was not impulsive. President Trump promised to put the American worker and American families first. It is about time the American tax payers have a President who means what he says and does what he promises!

General Matis thank you for your dedication to our country and may you have health and prosperity in your coming retirement.

Michael Hawke









“The Folded Flag” Why Respecting The National Anthem Matters….. by, Michael Hawke

The Pomorski Report

“This Flag Is Presented On Behalf Of A Grateful Nation In Appreciation For The Honorable Service Rendered By Your Loved One…. (name of fallen hero). 

At the end of the Military Funeral Service the American Flag covering the coffin is attended to by a military team whose duty is to remove and fold the Flag into an exact, tight, triangle. Once folded it is formally handed to the attending Senior Officer, or Military Chaplain, for presentation to the family. This most solomn military ceremony has been repeated millions of times, for over for two hundered years, to honor our country’s bravest and best….our fallen military heroes.

When the folded American Flag is presented to the family of a former servicemember who has lived a long life after serving his or her country it is a symbol of hope and pride for the family. They are recalling their loved one with…

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