The Daily Mix…….by, Michael Hawke

The Pebble Beach Pro-Am Open:  This is one of the best golf tournaments on the PGA Tour. The pros teamed with amateurs makes for fun golf. Needless to say if you have been watching this weekend’s event you watched some exciting golf.

Phil Micklelson’s Three Shot Lead-Two Holes To Go: Not much work will get done in offices around the country on Monday morning due to the last two holes being teed off around 08:30 AM Pacific Coast Time. Workers will be heads down on their computers, not doing work, but rather watching as Phil goes into the morning ahead by three strokes, with two holes to go. I am rooting for him all the way. He has been my favorite on the PGA Tour for many years. My mother, Rita, would always try to watch every PGA event he played in. She loved watching Phil play golf and followed his career closely.  I would have to label mom a Phil Mickelson groupie. She would regularly comment on how much she loved his aggressive play, reckless even, at times, but very fun to watch. Mom will be looking down on him tomorrow…..watching him close out his 5th Pebble Beach Trophy. Win this one for my mom Phil!

The University of California Needs To Go Private: In this Sunday’s San Diego Tribune, front page story, Gary Robbins writes how “international student enrollment” at UC San Diego is pushing 25%. The UC Officials cite their oft heard defense that they do not get enough tax funding to maintain their status as a “first class university” on par with schools like, Stanford, Harvard, and the like.

The University of California Regents justify reducing the seats offered to California student residents….your kids, and grandkids in order to keep the University of California a top notch institution of learning. They have decided to “sell” our kid’s UC seats to Chinese, Indian, and other foreign students in order to have the money needed to do what they are supposed to be doing, which is educating our students.  The article failed to list how many of the remaining seats go to “out of state” students, which also brings in higher tuition revenues.  Foreign, and out of state, student admissions are nearing 50% of total seats taken by all students UC wide.

What this means for these hard working, smart, California kids is their chances of attending the University of California, at any campus, are extremely slim.  The parents, and grandparents, worked year in and year out paying high California taxes as their kids transitioned through grade school and high school, believing it would pay dividends for them in the end.  When these kids finish up and are ready to apply to UC schools what do they get?  They get an “I am sorry to inform you” letter from the admissions office. The best of our California kids, finishing with 4.0 GPAs and higher, find it “a crap shoot” at best to get admitted to a U.C. School.

This sucks for them but also it sucks for mom and dad….and the grandparents too. Is this really “The University of California”…or has it evolved into a semi-private school system that caters to whoever they choose, based on their goal to bring in the most money per seat?

It is time for the University of California to stop taking tax money from the residents of California. If you live in California and have a young child you hope to will attend a UC school one day in the future then move to Beijing, Toronto, Mexico City,….anyplace but California.  Your kid’s chances of admission will be far better.

The Regents need to come clean with the citizens of California and admit they are using our tax monies to benefit a private school system.  They should stop taking my tax money, and yours too. They call our tax support meager and they marginalize the importance of our students.  I suggest the State of California begin a ten year draw down of support after which time they no longer contribute any tax monies to the UC system.  After the ten years pass the Regents can admit whoever they want, but they also must drop the name “The University of California”.

As things now stand I know I would benefit more, as would my kids, and grandkids, by the State of California redirecting my tax portion to fix the local potholes in San Diego.


Michael Hawke





The Daily Mix……by, Michael Hawke

A Tribute To Kimberley R…. : Kimberley died in a tragic car accident 10 years ago today. Kim was a very young 50 years old. She had a heart of gold and gave so much to help others. Her passion for animals, and especially her pet cats, touched all who knew her. Kim you are sorely missed. We know you are with the Lord and we will see you again. Thank you for your sweetness and easy laugh.

Kim was killed instantly while sitting in her stalled car at a red light. She was on the way to work and was the first car at the light on the road leading into town. Her car suddenly died and she could not re-start it. She made a fatal mistake by not getting out of her car and off to the sidewalk, while calling for a tow truck. She was struck in the rear of her car by a speeding driver going 55 mph who only saw the red light change to green….he failed to see Kim sitting there stalled. The driver of the car that hit her was unhurt.

I know Kim would want to send this lesson to all of us…..if your car stalls and you can get out and safely, off to the sidewalk or shoulder, do so. Sitting in a stalled or disabled car on the road or shoulder is dangerous.  Kimberley, we will never forget you…we love you Sis!

The State of the Union Speech: Predident Trump delivered and outstanding speech thorougly covering all of his administration’s major accomplishments as well as the very important ongoing issues like ISIS, Syria, Iran, Russia, China, Trade, the new Mexico-Canada-US Trade deal, and the border wall.

There were so many positives in his message that it is hard for me to see how any American, no matter their political views, could not get behind most of his goals and accomplishments, and especially border security.  The President showed his human side too…. He said, for example… “legal immingrants are welcome here in America. We ust want you to come here legally”….”America will never be a socialist country”….”we need to pass a joint Medical Reform bill that will provide health care for all, cover pre-existing conditions, and reducre drug costs”.  The WWII and Holocost survivors presence was special.

The President is a hands on leader. Rather than speak with eloquent platitudes, President Trump speaks the laguage of the common man or woman. We understand him and he makes no bones about laying out his goals with specifics. His first two years has shown he is not a calculating politician, reading the polls, like tea leaves before speaking or laying out plans and goals. He will never be called an incrimentalist, a label that fits so many in politics and government.

The Border Mess Numbers Growing:  Like everyone in America I am watching the evolving crisis at our Southern border crossing in San Diego. The caravan asylum seekers in Tijuana now number around 6,000. By the end of the month, if the additional caravans continue north, there could be as many as 10,000 Central American asylum seekers in Mexico. The people of Tiuana also are in crisis over this growing number of Central American refugees with daily protests.

Geraldo Rivera’s Border Solution: I am not generally a Geraldo fan however, he recently, on Fox News, offered what I consider a logical, practical, approach to not just the current crisis, but to fixing our inefficient and outdated immigration policies. He suggested a multi-faceted approach with a focus on complete immigration reform to include a viable work visa program. He also called for the DACA fix.



President Trump’s “Promises Made- Promises Kept”…, Michael Hawke

Happy New Year:  Did you notice 2018 went by really fast? The older I get the more clear to me is Einstein’s theory of relativity. I also notice daily the novel 1984 is playing out right before our eyes and no one seems to see it, or care. Big Brother is in charge. I give thanks that I had the opportunity to live one more year on planet earth. I pray a healthy and prosperous New Year for all… “Be Good and Do Good”!

To General Mattis: Dear Sir, thank you for your long and faithful service to our nation. I hold you in high esteem. That being said you disappointed me with your exit criticisms, and negative remarks, regarding your disagreement with the President. I heard you speak of allies, loyalty, and other things. I remind you Sir that Donald Trump got elected because he promised to work for the American people, first and foremost. From my perspective I see him doing just that. I will save the run down on all of his completed promises so far but lets remember one he kept….that none of his predicessors did….he moved our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem!

In the United States Military the buck is supposed to stop at the top. Sir, I do not recall you making any open critiques of General Flynn turning lobbyist, and of all the countries he chose to work for, and profit from….Turkey. Turkey may be an ally but they are no friend. We never got a thing from the Turks that we did not have to pay for in blood and or money. The Turkish government is a dictatorship and repressive toward their own people. They are also genocidal toward minority groups like the Kurds and Armenians.

General do you support the system that has been in place for years where by our senior military leaders retire and then go to work for companies as lobbyist to the Pentagon? Do you not see the corrupt nature of this practice? Do you think it is right, say for a Navy Captain who is in charge of buying certain items for the fleet to retire and then two years later he or she is representing the same company, selling items to the military and making a high six figure salary. No, it is not right, moral, or particularly sophisticated….and it flys in the face of core millitary values. It is simiply a corrupt system. It is the ” Fat Leonard” scandal multiplied by a million. General Flynn should be prosecuted not for his lying to the FBI, but rather for representing a foreign nation as a lobbyist.

Speakling of the Fat Leonard Scandal: I do not recall you making an open comment about the Fat Leonard scandal. I do recall many junior and mid level leaders getting prison time and more. I do not recall one senior Admiral getting anything more than a kiss on the cheek. No Admirals lost their retirements, their rank, or had any financial fines that cost them more than mere annoyance. The junior guys got slammed. Kind of lacking moral justice here don’t you think? And really General, is not the whole lobby system as applied to the Departmet of Defense just as corrupt as what went on in the Phillipines with Fat Leonard?

General Petraeus Also Got a Kiss on the Cheek: I also do not recall any open comment on the good General Petraeus who took full advantage of his rank and power to have a mistress in theatre….and there was the whole thing about classified documents being breached. I never heard anything but what a great leader he was….but what about this moral breakdown?  What about Core Army Values? What about all those soldiers he led who did not have time with their families while in theater? A kiss on the cheek. He should have gone to jail. Moral judgement you might think….yeah that is what it is.

Speaking of Loyalty to Allies: General you implied President Trump was too cozy toward Putin, Chi, and Kim, all dictators and tyrants, and too harsh with our allies.  A famous Chinese General, Sun-tzu, is often credited with the saying….“keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.  Michael Corleone, in “Godfather II”, is also credited with this saying, as is Machiavelli, in “The Prince”. I believe it’s true origin can be found in the military plans of King David of Israel. It is, after all, a sound strategy to apply when dealing with dangerous threats. Regardless of it’s origin it should be obvioius that President Trump has adopted this approach in dealing with our enemies, and it is proving to be quite effective.

Trump’s Actions Toward Our Enemies: President Trump showers compliments on all three of these bad guys, yet his actions speak loud and clear. He has placed, justifiably so, tarrifs on China, he has put sactions on Russia, and he is close to putting bombs on Kim’s rocket bases. President Trump is shrewd and realistic….he is also tough. He keeps his friends close…and his enemies closer.

Trump’s Actions Toward Our Friends:General Matis you spoke of the need to stand strong with our allies. I think President Trump is doing just this. The best way to keep NATO strong and our allies close is to have honest, trust based, relations. All of the previous Presidents, going  back to Jimmy Carter, just looked the other way regarding the lack of monetary support for the defense of NATO by our friends. For the last 70 years the United States tax payer has been footing the bill for the defense of Europe, Japan, and much of the free the world. I do not need to tell you Sir the high costs of these military actions and the huge impact on our national debt. Donald Trump spoke directly, and correctly, calling for these very prospereous European countries, as well as Japan, to start paying up for our millitary support. This was a needed action and it was not impulsive. President Trump promised to put the American worker and American families first. It is about time the American tax payers have a President who means what he says and does what he promises!

General Matis thank you for your dedication to our country and may you have health and prosperity in your coming retirement.

Michael Hawke









“The Folded Flag” Why Respecting The National Anthem Matters….. by, Michael Hawke

The Pomorski Report

“This Flag Is Presented On Behalf Of A Grateful Nation In Appreciation For The Honorable Service Rendered By Your Loved One…. (name of fallen hero). 

At the end of the Military Funeral Service the American Flag covering the coffin is attended to by a military team whose duty is to remove and fold the Flag into an exact, tight, triangle. Once folded it is formally handed to the attending Senior Officer, or Military Chaplain, for presentation to the family. This most solomn military ceremony has been repeated millions of times, for over for two hundered years, to honor our country’s bravest and best….our fallen military heroes.

When the folded American Flag is presented to the family of a former servicemember who has lived a long life after serving his or her country it is a symbol of hope and pride for the family. They are recalling their loved one with…

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The Daily Mix……by, Michael Hawke

Surgery Update:  I have been recovering from double level back fusion surgeries which I had done at UCSD Medical Center under the VA Choice Program. The surgeries were much rougher than I imagined they would be. The recovery, 65 days now, has been difficult. I am told by the doctors it will take four or five months to fully recover. It has been a slow two months where it seems like I have barely improved.

Feeding The Birds….and Mrs. Shonegarger:  I feed the birds outside my back deck every morning. They are mostly black crows, but occassionally I get smaller birds like wrens and sparrows. These little birds wait until the crows have taken their fill and flown away, after which they swoop in for the meager scraps that were left behind.

Our two cats, Yogi and Boo Boo, love sitting on the upper back deck watching the large crows feeding on the hillside 20 feet below. The crows caww loudly as they swoop in and take a bread or cracker morsel that I throw to them. I find this time very peaceful as I sit drinking my morning coffee and watching my cats react to these hungry birds.

I grew up on Rollins Road in Toledo, Ohio. Rollins Road was a wonderful place to be a kid. My best friend Larry had four brothers and sisters. His dad was a mailman and his mom, like most moms back then, was a home maker. She also was feeder of birds. I remember seeing her save toast and bread and in the mornings throw it off her back porch to the birds. I never gave it thought back then as a kid but as I daily throw morsels of bread to the birds in my neighborhood I often think of Goldie Shonebarger.  I can see her throwing bread and toast, taking the time to take care of God’s birds.

Oxycodone Drugs – Evil Disguised As Good: My back fusion surgery was actually two surgeries five days apart. The first sugery they went in from the front which involved a vascular surgeon as well as the spine surgeon. Then, five days later I was in the operating room again. This time they went in from the back and installed rods and a cage. In the process they nicked my spinal column causing a leak of fluid which led to the doctors needing to repair it before completing the surgery. I was in the operating room for seveal hours.

Since the surgeries I have been taking Oxycodone for pain. I started out with 5mgs every four hours. I took this amount for over a month before realizing I needed to get off it. The longer you use this drug the more you need it. I would get sick with body pain, nausea, and weakness after three hours. As time went on and my body got used to it I would start getting sick after two hours. I was hooked in a week and had I not made up my mind to get off it I would be in a bad place right now.

Thankfully I have weaned myself down to just five 5mg pills every 24 hours. My goal is to be off it completely by the end of November. Even with these low doses and spread out times my body screams for this drug. I am sick as a dog at times as I attempt to hold off from taking the pill sooner than the six hour interval. So on top of trying to deal with the recovery I have had to deal with this drug grabbing me by my soul. I do get almost immediate relief when I take the drug but it is short lived. The sad thing is the doctors give you no insight into how to manage this medicine. Had I not been aware and determined to beat it I would probably be another statistic by now.

“The Folded Flag” Why Respecting The National Anthem Matters….. by, Michael Hawke


“This Flag Is Presented On Behalf Of A Grateful Nation In Appreciation For The Honorable Service Rendered By Your Loved One…. (name of fallen hero). 

At the end of the Military Funeral Service the American Flag covering the coffin is attended to by a military team whose duty is to remove and fold the Flag into an exact, tight, triangle. Once folded it is formally handed to the attending Senior Officer, or Military Chaplain, for presentation to the family. This most solomn military ceremony has been repeated millions of times, for over for two hundered years, to honor our country’s bravest and best….our fallen military heroes.

When the folded American Flag is presented to the family of a former servicemember who has lived a long life after serving his or her country it is a symbol of hope and pride for the family. They are recalling their loved one with the knowledge that he or she served the nation and often times did so in time of war. They are grateful for the receiving of the folded American Flag. It is treasured as a memory of their loved ones life and service to his or her nation.

When the folded American Flag is presented to the family of a military member who has fallen in war, or during the service of his or her country, it is also a symbol of hope and pride….but it is so much more.  The receiving of the folded American Flag in these services is crushing…it hurts…it passes from the Officer to the family member with an importance that no one can imagine unless they are receiving it in this way. The familly member clutches it with a tightness that is almost audible. The American Flag they just received was on their servicmembers coffin from the battlefield to the home front, and now to the cemetery, their loved one’s final resting place. They leave the service not with their loved one….but with the “Folded American Flag” , a physical symbol of the bravery and sacrifice of their fallen hero for the freedom and safety of all Americans. 

“The National Anthem NFL Player Protests Are An Affront To Most Americans, Veterans, And The Families Of Our Fallen Heroes” :

I am tempted to take the arguments being made to support the National Anthem protests and counter them one by one in this article. The arguments made by these players; they are doing a peaceful protest, it is not meant to disrespect the flag, it is a matter of free speech to do so, it is about police brutality and racism, it is about opportunities for minorities who are limited due to so called white privilege, are all shallow at best, and outright wrong at worst.  Rather, I will respond to these arguments in another piece, at a later time.

All Nations Have National Anthems:  During the Olympics when Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners stand on the podium, before the entire world, to receive their medals the National Anthem of the Gold Medal winner is played for all to hear and recognize.  The playing of the winning country’s anthem is a sign of respect and acknowledges all the good and honorable things of that nation. No one hearing the German, Russian, or Chinese anthems thinks about the negatives, both past and present, of those nations. Rather, we think of the atheletes and the hope for peace and prosperity for all in the future.  Likewise our Star Spangled Banner, when played before a game or event, represents our positives as a nation. It is not about a “perfect nation”, but rather a nation that is good and will become even better. It is about gratitude and hope.

Dignity, Decorum, Responsibility:  There is a time and place to protest. Jim Brown, Hall of Fame running back from the Cleveland Browns, who spent most of his post NFL career fighting for social justice and change had this to say on the knee takers;  he states he respects their right to do what they want but his preference is for them to stand during the Star Spangled Banner….

“I’ll never kneel, and I will always respect the Flag”.

Jim Brown was one of the best running backs of all time, an African American who never made the mega millions in salaries and endorsements of today’s players.  He grew up in the pre-civil rights era and knew prejudice and injustice first hand.

Jim Brown has always worked for equality and justice for minorities.  Today he is 82 years old and still actively working for social justice and change. Yet Jim Brown respects the National Anthem. Our Star Spangled Banner stands for the best of America’s past and present, and the hope for a postive future for all.  Jim Brown also knows that “Dignity and Decorum” matter.  He realizes that as a player, and former player, he is a role model which translates into a “Responsibility” toward his fans, both young and old alike.

Every American Should Attend A Military Funeral:  I suggest the next time a fallen hero is honored these protesting players attend the funeral.  After seeing the Flag being taken from the coffin, folded, and then given to the Senior Officer for presentation to the family member of the fallen hero, they will no longer protest during our National Anthem.  They will have understood the importance of dignity, decorum, and responsibility, and will take their protest to another time and a better place. They will understand why Jim Brown said…

“I’ll never kneel…and I will always respect the Flag”.


Michael Hawke

The Daily Mix……by, Michael Hawke

Summer Heat:  August 6th….humans across the planet are roasting. The heat shows no sign of letting up…in fact it is worsening. San Diego is nice along the coast but yesterday afternoon the ocean water temp was 75 degrees, way too warm. Jerry Coleman predicted this…only thing is he called it the normal cycles of the planet. Al Gore predicted this…and he called it man made. You decide….maybe both are happening at once??

The California Homeless and the Governor Browns “fake train”: I used to like Jerry Brown. He went to Cal and so did I. He was leaning toward the ministry and so was I. He spoke his mind and so did I. I thought we had things in common but he changed. I changed too. He recently suckered Californians to approve a 32 billion dollar bond to fund a bullet train from Sacramento to LA.  Four years later the 32 billion is gone….no train, no tracks, and not even a few bullets for the effort. Meanwhile last night 47,000 homeless people slept on the streets of Los Angeles. Democrat waste…..we could have solved the homeless problem with those billions….just thinking.

Lobbyists: I met a lobbyist from Kansas City yesterday. She has her own small lobby firm. She is a dedicated democrat, an eager lobbyist. Lobbying is big business…big money.  Very nice young woman, very smart, very deluded about POTUS….and about the fact the entire lobby system is corruption legalized. The worst lobbist of late is General Flynn. Retired Generals have no business representing foreign governmets to our Senators and Representatives. Shame on General Flynn….not to mention the fact the Turkish government is tyranical,evil, and anti western values. “Core Values” Sir?

California Burning: The California fires are out of control and growing. The heat and winds are not letting up. California has just been given Federal funding declaring it a state of emergency. So far not too many structure lost. Pray for our brave firefighters and pray for rain.

The Many Doors Of The Immigration Mess…, Michael Hawke

Publish “The Immigration Manual” For All Americans To Read: They can put it out in an “Immigration For Dummies” format since that is what most members of Congress think the American people are….dummies. The average American Citizen does not know what the rules are for a foreign person wanting to immigrate legally to our country. Publish them.

The Student Visa Door: How does a student from China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, India or elsewhere end up in our community college, living in a condo paid by their government…..then they  transfer to a four year school….. later they get an internship from an American based company….. then a work visa….. and then what do you know…a green card???

I want to know the rules here. Millions of kids from wealthy families of other nations are entering our country on student visas and they never leave. Many end up in the tech industry and what do you know….we have had major stealing of our technology and intellectual property.

President Trump says…. “China has been stealing our intellectual property and it must stop”! Really? We are letting these foreign students walk right in to our higher education institutions and companies and essentially handing the intellectual property over to many of them. There are so many student visas issued for all kinds of schools in our country that the numbers of annual immigrants is in the millions.  Do these student visas, when tranferred to work visas, count in our nations numbers on immigration? So many unknowns here.  What are the rules? Most Americans want to know!

The Buy A Real Estate Property Door: Most Americans do not know a rich foreigner can buy a house for over $500,000.00 and get a visa which usually ends up in a green card. And not just green cards for the buyer…. but for his family and relatives who may come to live in the house. These rich foreign buyers are inflating our real estate markets in the major cities, and gaining back door immigration status. President Trump says….“I am for merit based immigraton”.  Really? What are the rules here. Most Americans want to know!

The Start A Business And Employ 14 Workers Door:  Have you wondered why there are so many massage parlors everywhere? This door is the reason. Start up a buisness, employ 14 workers, and you get a free pass to a visa. Then bring in your relatives…14 at least….to run the business and you get more visas. Merit based immigration all the way Mr. President. What are the rules?  Most Americans want to know!

The Foreign Tech Worker “H1-B Visa” Door:  This door is related to the education door but it involves a foreign tech worker getting a special visa to come to America and work because supposedly our education system is not producing eneough computer and engineer related graduates. This door is based on a lie…but the door is there and used by companies, many of them foreign based, who want to being their own workers in to keep the wages lower. This door is complex and mysterioius and no one knows how it really works. What are the rules? Most Americans want to know!

The Sneak Across The Back Fence Door:  This door has been used for over 100 years. Yes, it is the illegal immigrant crossings of our Southern border. The politicans like to focus on this door. It is the ….. “look over here….. why we let in all numbers of people, under all kinds of special rules….. over there”.

This door can be fixed this year. Yes, President Trump’s wall is needed. It is needed not just so we can own our back fence and prevent all kinds of untold crossings into the country…drugs, coyotess, child sex trade, terrorist, and just half of the population of Mexico and Central American wanting an opportunity to be free and safe. We know the rules for this door but the politicans like to move it around, play with it, and pretend they too want the door locked. This problem has been highlighted by the recent family separation law that resulted in a recent Executive order by President Trump. No need to get into the weeds on this. The American people want his door controlled. We are compassionate, graciouis, and kind…but this door has been free wheeling way to long.

Build the wall, start a work visa program at the border like we do with the rich kids we let in to attend our schools colleges, and universites. Call it an “M1-B worker visa program”. I think we know how to do it.  Most Americans want this mess fixed. And yes, the democrats are obstrucing for political gain…so much compassion! “bah hum bug”!

The Amnesty Door:  This door has been around since President Carter’s time in the White House.  Presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush the First, Clinton, Bush the Second, and Obama all allowed this door to work for immigrants. It is realted to the Back Fence door above….sneak in, work, raise a family, be a good citizen (although illegal) and the compassion of the American people will give you a free pass and a green card. Kind of earned in a way, but still illegal. President Trump wants to grant amnesty to over 1.6 milliion Daca illegals and others if the Democrats will support his building a wall and enhancing security on the southern border. Presidnet Trump shows his reasoable side as well as his compassion toward these illegal immigrants. The democrats play politics and obstruct, and….. once again show their compassion. So bad….so bad. The American people get this one. Lets fix the border and write a better law.

“Everybody Knows….”  Leonard Cohen’s famous song… “everybody knows”….applies to the  border immigration mess. Everybody knows the border immigration mess could be fixed this year if the democrats would work with President Trump….everybody knows!

The Philadelphia Eagles Fumbled The NFL Ratings Ball….by, Michael Hawke

President Trump often says….”we will see what happens”… when asked about how things will work out on any particular issue. We now know what will happen regarding the NFL ratings. They will continue to plumet to the point that they will lose many fans for good. I, for one, am gone this season. I watched college football last season and will do the same this year. The NFL’s rich spoiled players killed it for me.

The Philadelphia Eagles informed the White House they will not be bringing the entire team to the traditional White House Recognition of the Super Bowl Champions. Then they requested the event be rescheduled during the week that President Trump will be out of the country attending the Korean Peace Summit in Singapore. The Eagles stated over 1000 fans have already planned to attend the coming Friday event, but while most of the players would be in Washington that weekend, only a handful of would come to the White House celebration honoring them as Super Bowl victors. President Trump decided since the majority of the players would not be coming they would hold a Patriotic performance for the fans and those in attendance. The Marine Band and others groups would perform, honoring our military and our country.

Facts on team victory visits missing… The champions of the World Series, the Super Bowl, and the NBA have traditionaly been honored by Presidents at the White House for many years. It is a tradition that says we are one, we celebrate our best atheletes and their great accomplishment. It has always been a postive event.

Players standing for the National Anthem to start the game also has always symolized a unity of our best and the tremendous positive impact sports has on our nation and on our youth in particular. It brings us together no matter our pollitical, economic, or social differences. Taking a knee during the anthem distracts from this positive and unifying moment prior to the start of the game.

The NFL players fail to understand they are not in sync with most of the fans… The players are now running things in the NFL. It is clear that a small number of players and owners are thumbing their very rich noses at the facts about the knee taking and stepping up the ante. Lets be perfectly honest… the fans, who are offended by these so called ” it’s not about the anthem” knee takers, do not buy these acts of kneeling are about respect for free speach and protection of those abused by police.

To the players I say get your heads on straight. The common fan knows an idiotic statement when they hear it….and your free speech claims are pure idiocy. Fans know players can stand for the anthem at the start of the game and do their issue statements in other venues. Otherwise, the knee taking is about the anthem and only about the anthem. It offends those who respect and love our country with all of its great strengths and….yes flaws. People are not dumb, fans are not dumb, but you players, who are mostly all college educated and making millions…must certainly be dumb!

Recent NFL rules changes are too little too late: Would “pathetic” be the correct descriptive word for the NFL trying to stop the ratings cliff fall….well, there are better words but not suitable for print here in this piece…so yes,“pathetic” ! The NFL has stated their new rules will require players who wish to kneel during the anthem to remain in the locker room until after the playing of it. If players who choose to be on the field kneel there will be punishments and fines to both the players and the teams.

Several owners have already declared they will not fine players for exercising “free speech” and they will also pay any NFL fines the players incur. Well it sounds like the NFL fixed this problem, eh? Idiots all. Free speech is not the issue here. Last I checked…if a company has a training event the sales staff must attend and some decide to take a knee about the police shooting issue during the training, they suffer consequences….likely they get the boot.  This is about rules, following rules, doing what your boss or company tells you and being part of the big picture…so simple. If a player kneels during the anthem before the game and tells me he was praying to the Blessed Virgin Mary and not protesting the flag and all it represents, all I think is he thinks I am a dummy. Fans are not dummies…they get it.

The NFL’s last chance….and best move: When it comes to representing a team, and a so called non-profit (a topic for a later piece) like the National Football League, players are a mere cog in the wheel. They do not have free speech rights when it comes to doing what they are paid to do for their employer on game day. The NFL players make up less than 10% of the college players who finish college each year desperatly hoping for an NFL chance. The NFL choice to save their product and their billions of profits is to fire the players who do not follow the rules. There are 100 guys waiting in line for that knee taker’s job and given the chance many would end up being better than the guy they fired. Fans do not revere these players, they used to, but they don’t any more.  The average fan attends games or watches on TV to support his or her team. It is a recreation thing, an escape from the every day grind of work. There are other things these fans can do on game day….and most take way less time and money than watching an NFL game.

To the Commissoner and the very rich owners… May I remind you it is not 1980, 1990, or even 2010? Times have changed and people have many choices to spend both their time and money on when it comes to recreation. The major league sports teams no longer have a corner on the fan’s money and time. Play it smart boys, start acting like the businessmen and women you are. No player should be permitted to hijack your profits and success over a personal protest during the National Anthem on game day, especially when it attacks the values and traditions most all of us treasure and love.  The fans simply won’t “buy” it. 



The Daily Mix…. by, Michael Hawke

School Shootings:  The recent school shooting in Texas is another senseless tragedy. Our prayers and thoughts go out to the families and those affected by this evil act. The need here is for school districts and communitities to begin to decipher the common threads in all of these shootings. The guns are there yes, but what are the triggers and other things that cause these kids to get a gun and commit these evil acts? We need to look beyond the guns and we may begin to start to understand how we can prevent more tragedies in the future.

Video Games…A Troubing Causal Ingredient Ignored:  The educators, law enforcement, mental health professionals, and the government must stop ignoring the clear link between violent video games and school shootings. Where do kids with problems go to escape from the bullying, stress, and pain? They turn to their games. The video games our current middle and high school kids are playing are “virtual”, which is to say life like, and often involve team playing with complete strangers. You may think your kid is playing a harmless game but in reality he or she may be on line with adults who are using vulgarity, promoting hate, and getting inside the heart and soul of the player.

It is a travesty that for the past few years this issue has not been raised in the public square. New organizations, often linked corporatly to the gaming industry, do not speak about this catalyst when their anchors solemnly talk about a school shooting on in their newscast. Like pot of the current day, video games are not what they were when we were kids. They are potent, addicting, and a threat to the mental and physical health of any young person using them.

Love Is A Great Joy To Have:  There is a secret that most do not understand, even though they experiece it at times throughout their lives. The common perception is that to have the joy of love….one must be loved.  The exact opposite is the case…to find the true joy of love…. one must love! To give love is the greatest freedom a human being can experience. It brings one closest to the Spiritual truth and allows for a peace that we all seek in life. So if you seek true joy….start loving.

True Love: ” Love is patient, love is kind, and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly;  it does not speak it’s own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails….”  I Cor.13: 4-8

Tim Tebow: We are all rooting for Tim Tebow to be promoted from AA ball to AAA ball in the Mets organization. He is tearing the cover off the ball and do not be surprised if you see him in right field for the Mets before the end of this season. Go Tebow!

Travis Jankowski: Speaking of right fielders Travis Jankowski it killing it for the San Diego Padres. He is batting 360 as a lead off hitter, is a gold glove outfielder, and steals bases like takinig candy from a baby. Nice to see this kid excel…now we will probably watch the Padres trade him, which is what they normally do with their best players. Go Travis!

The Federal Bureau of Investigation: The scandal is not with the Trump collusion but with the FBI colluding with the Clinton campaign. FBI….investigate yourself, do your job, stop the Mueler deflection of attention. So sad to see what really took plalce. Mueller, Comey, and all the rest of that leadership group should be indicted!