The Daily Mix…..By, Michael Hawke

The General Flynn Matter: I find it difficult to listen to Fox News talking heads coming to the defense of General Flynn. They paint him as a “true patriot” who was “set up” by Jim Comey and the FBI plan to derail the Trump presidency. The General was indeed set up by FBI Director Comey and should have all charges dropped. No question….he was illegally targeted by the FBI. The problem I have, though, has to do with the “patriot” part that keeps being attached to General Flynn.

General Flynn ran his own private Lobby Company that represented the interests of a select few Turkish businesses and the Turkish government. He was paid over $500,000 dollars through a Dutch subsidiary to a Turkish firm run by a political person closely associated with President Erdogon. When General Flynn came on with the administration he reported two of his business connections worked for the Turkish government. He just failed to mention one was the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the other Minister of Energy. General Flynn is not a lone ranger in the dirty business of Washington lobbying. He is one of many who sell their connections after retiring from either government or the military. It is a dirty business that makes many of these former “public servants” filthy rich as they sell their connections and secure contracts, jobs, and privilege to those willing to pay.

A Retired Three Star General should have no business at all in the lobby system. However given the laws that permit and even perpetuate these activities he should at least have some dignity about who he selects as a client. Representing, and profiting from, one of the most repressive and evil governments on the planet should be an out of bounds no brainer. General Flynn marketed his Pentagon and Washington connections for personal gain to the government of Turkey! This is as close to treasonous one can get and short of that…. it reeks of stark naked greediness. At the very least it is certainly very unbecoming of a Retired Three Star. The question I leave for General Flynn is this….do those “Army Values” all soldiers memorize and live by apply to Army General Officers??

Oh, and a PS to Mark Levin….Stop with your patronizing, exaggerated sainthood proclamation of General Flynn. He is no saint and his after career actions certainly do not reflect those of a true patriot either.

Perpetual Saturday: I was in my car driving home from an “essential” trip to the supermarket. I was initially headed to Costco but their line redirected me to Sprouts. I had my dog, Abenidgo, (Belgian Malinois) with me for company. I wore my face mask but she kept pulling hers off and chewing on it. I finally stopped trying to keep it on her. What can you do when driving and listening to the radio while caught in traffic. Yep….caught in ” Saturday Traffic ” on a Thursday afternoon. I mean who knows what day it is anymore? As one newscaster recently commented Joe Biden’s “forgetting what day it is” problem is now the norm for all of us. The people in the Costco line….it ran around the entire side of the store and halfway down the back side were all dutifully spaced six feet apart….you know science tells us no way to catch a virus when properly spaced while waiting in a long line….for an hour or more. I said to Abendigo…” it feels like a Satrurday”. She just eyed me and kept on chewing her bandanna.

Governors Killing By Their Orders: Yes I said killing by their “lock-down orders”. I write this report from my home in Southern California. I live in the French Valley and if one has to live in California I am at least stuck in a semi-rural, beautiful, valley. Still, being only 60 miles North of San Diego, I am well aware after this Friday if I am in San Diego County not wearing a face mask I can be fined $1,000.00 or six months in jail! No shock right….from the State that is all about three things when it comes to its citizens….”Fees, Fines, and Taxes” !

Governor Newsome aka “Governor Bothersome” opened the beaches for one day last weekend. So many people flocked to the beaches it looked like a Memorial Day weekend. The good Gov. then withdrew his “permission” for the people to go on the beach saying “it was just too dangerous”. Now he has doubled down and is talking like maybe the phase I might take longer to get to here in California. If we are good boys and girls, and follow the rules, we will be safe and the Gov might let us go outside to play again real soon.

The Statistics: The stats show us that continuing to keep the society closed down will only lengthen the time we have this problem and it will weaken the development of “herd anti bodies”. The virus is a deadly one if you are in a high risk population. The high risk population is the same one for the seasonal flu. Every year in the US 5% to 20% of the population gets the flu with more than 200,000 hospitalized and deaths from 12,000-60,000.

The truth is this is not the plague. It is not arbitrarily killing any and all who come in contact with it. It is a bad virus and if it attacks your lungs can lead to death. It can be extremely deadly if you have pre-existing medical conditions, weakened immune system, or are over 65. The flu is also deadly for these groups. The death rate will ultimately end up being about the same as that of the seasonal flu. In the mean time we have panicked and shut down the entire American and World economy. Earlier this week the United Nations announced that as many as 90,000 people per day were starving to death in poor nations around the world due to the supply chain interruptions. The stress deaths in America alone due to the financial crash for most households has yet to be tallied. Meanwhile the science and models used for this shutdown are now proving to be wrong. As Dr. Birkx said…”our models are only as good as our data”. Well well well…meanwhile the Governors, or I should say most Governors, keep the doors shut tight. I refer you to Dr. John Ioamidis of MIT, Dr. Joel Kettner, Stanford, and Dr. Wolfgang and Dr. Shiva ( running for the Senate in MA ) for more detailed information.

Other Yearly Death Stats: Cardio Vascular: 800,000 ( leading cause of death in America).

The Corona Virus Stimulant Plan….. by, Michael Hawke

Mitt Romney’s dumb idea: It would be nice to just think his suggestion of having the Federal Government pay each and every American $1,000. to stimulate the economy was simply dumb. The fact is it goes way beyond dumb. It insults working people, students, seniors, single moms and dads, and all the rest of us too. His idea of giving us all one thousand dollars would be a one time payment. Will it help stimulate the economy? I am sure it will…but for only about two weeks. Will it help the millions now out of work and unable to pay rent, food, student loans, credit card and car loan debt? No, it won’t even nick their money needs.

It is a frivolous idea put out there by a very detached elite politician. Romney, and all the other “political saviors” are unable to grasp the real problem the American people face as they now have to “hunker down” for the next three or more months. Most working people of America live pay check to pay check. Miss three months of pay checks and guess what…. home, car, food, medical, and so much more goes in the toilet…. and in there without paper too! People will be financially ruined by summer time. Big business and political elite will come out on top.

It’s all about the banks: Lets step back a day. The Federal Reserve yesterday lowered the interest rate for banks borrowing money to 0% ….yes, that’s right, 0%! So as not to be confused the reasoning stated for this interest rate reduction by the Fed was to help the banks get through this tough time and allow them easy money in order to…..”stimulate the economy”. The banks will be helping big business and some small businesses too to keep going when their income sources shrink or even dry up. The entire auto industry as well as every large corporation in American will get easy low interest loans, as well as free money too, to get them through this crisis.

But for the American workers, the students, the single moms, and the rest of us…a one time $1,000 dollars will do the trick….according to Mitt guided by his ethics, religion and strong moral compass. Meanwhile people will continue to owe on their 12%, 14%, 18% and higher loans and credit card debt. They will not be able to get loans from the banks. The credit card companies and big banks will not give a three month grace period to allow people breathing room while no income is coming in. No, the “banks and financial institutions “and their elite customers will get a strong helping handout from the Federal Government. The rest of us….well, we will get a thousand dollars. Glad these politicians are looking out for us.

The airlines, cruise lines, and ground transportation will all be funded: President Trump made it clear today that the airlines too will get big bailouts. They will get the money needed to keep going and be ready to fly full and fast when this is crisis is over. The Federal Government will back them 100%. When the crisis is over we can all get back to flying….if we can afford it.

What “the American people” really need: As I stated it is a “pay check to pay check” life for most Americans. The Federal Government should give everyone reduced interest rates on all credit card and auto loans. I mean lower it….2%, and make it for the life of the loans. Also give forgiveness on all late payments. Further give a three month window of no payments. This would be for all loans to include mortgage and rent payments. Now this is a stimulant program that will help “all” Americans. This would get the working class through this crisis and, like the airlines, allow them to ” be up and running” when the crisis ends.

Oh, and if you want to still give the American people cash to stimulate things Mitt, lets make a $1,000 dollars a month for the next three months to get them through it. You know gas, food, supplies, and the like.

Michael Hawke

The Daily Mix……by, Michael Hawke

Rush Limbaugh: Rush telling his listeners today that he has been diagnosed with advanced Lung Cancer was a shock. As a long time Rush fan I was sad to learn of his illness. I hope he knows he is in the prayers of his many followers. The new developments in Lung Cancer treatment give hope.

Kobe Bryant: Kobe’s death along with his daughter and seven others came out of the blue. Mortality has a way of getting our attention when a famous person dies in such an accident. We tend to see the famous as bullet proof. Drug overdoses are expected….but not helicopter crashes into hillsides in zero visibility. My guess is the pilot got vertigo. RIP

Super Bowl Win: The win was for KC but the real win for the game itself. So often the Superbowl is a boring flop. This one was fun to watch. Too many commercials that lasted too long and were too bad…but a great game. I never watch the half time show so I only know that it was rated high. Happy for Andy Greene. He did eat that giant cheeseburger after the win as promised.

Iowa Caucuses: yawwwnn….The candidates: A mediocre Mayor, a communist Senator, a faux Indian, a hypocrite former VP… claiming high character, a Senator named Amy who is looking for a surprise, and of course the caucus attenders, media, and then the rest of us. All this action, attention, and noise for a measly 41 total delegates. Not a winner take all State.

The Pomorski Report Podcast: Coming soon in 2020….The Pomorski Report podcast with Michael Hawke bringing you conservative views and thoughts from his bunker in the French Valley of Southern California! Get ready for an educational and informative show with humor, guests, and more.

Pearl Harobr Day….by, Michael Hawke

Pearl Harbor Day…December 7, 2019: Today we remember the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor which happened on this day in 1941. The surprise attack on Hawaii was the trigger that led to the United States entering WWII. My father, Chester Pomorski, was a young high school senior attending Macomber High School in Toledo, Ohio. A few months later he was granted early graduation along with many of his fellow classmates who elected to join up and fight for freedom. Dad joined the United States Navy with his good friend Frank Obarski. A couple of young Polish kids, first generation, who were doing their part to fight evil in the world. Dad served in the Pacific theater of operations, his initial ship going West was the MSS Day Star. Dad was a landing craft gunners mate and saw much action.

After the war he and Frank started an auto body repair business. They both learned auto body repair in their high school. Macomber was an all boys vocational high school. The kids who graduated from this school left with real knowledge….practical life skills. Most of those kids went off to war and when they came home they started businesses, raised families, bought homes, and put their kids through college.

A few years later my dad and his partner Frank decided to join the Toledo Police department. Dad retired 22 years later and worked as an umpire in the youth baseball leagues, as well as docent at the Toledo Museum of Art, during his retirement. His life was one of service to our country both in the military and later as a Police Officer. He was, like the vast majority of WWII veterans, very private about his war time experiences. These guys were stoic and many suffered for years from PTSD as well as physical problems from their war service. They were not complainers or whiners I can tell you that. The Greatest Generation?….. No Question!

Thanks Dad….we miss you greatly.

Micahel Hawke

Reflections of a 29 Year Veteran…, Michael Hawke


A Taps Moment: Taps is bugle call played at dusk, during flag ceremonies, and at military funerals by the United States Armed Forces. (Reveille is played as dawn as the flag is being raised and is notice to get moving)

The bugle call sounded as I was walking to my car after swimming my laps at the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station San Diego swim training tank. If you are on a military base at dusk you will hear Taps being played. It is played as the flag is being lowered and signals the end of the work day. If you are outside walking, or standing, you must come to attention during Taps and offer a hand salute if you are a military member or veteran. If you are a civilian or family member coming to attention is the proper response.

I came to attention and saluted. I was facing West toward the Airfield Base Operations. While I could not see the flag pole I visualized the flag being lowered as the bugle call played. I held a sharp salute, stood a little taller, and straighter, and then gave silent thanks for all those who sacrificed both limb and life to defend this great nation. What an honor to be standing where I was looking West at the setting sun, reflecting on the great courage and sacrifice of our military members, both past and present.

At the end of the bugle call I held my salute and sent it farther West….all the way across the great Pacific to the Island of Hong Kong, where at that very moment brave citizens, young and old, were fighting and dying for their democratic freedoms. I wondered how my fellow Americans could be so lightly concerned about such a momentous and watershed moment in history.

I wondered still why there was no reporting, no protests, no knee taking by our famous athletes who just recently protested against police violence, racism, and bigotry…in America! I just stood there holding my salute and kept thinking about their bravery. Sacrifice, even more so the ultimate sacrifice, for a great cause is the most noble and eternal of all human acts.

Michael Hawke

The Inter Urban Transit System….by, Michael Hawke

California Global Warming Concerns….where are the trains? The Golden State boasts the 5th largest economy in the world. The state has been run for the past 30 plus years by the democrats. These liberals claim to be concerned about the environment, the working class, the poor, and the homeless. So much poppycock! It is all pure “cow manure”.

State gas tax is 50 cents per gallon: Gas prices in California are the highest in the nation. The current average price is $3.83 per gallon. It goes up and down but never by much. Approximately 14% of each gallon of gas sold goes to the state, purportedly for road maintenance. The tax in Tennessee is 21.4 cents per gallon. The price of gas in Tennessee is $2.34 per gallon. The sale of gas in California is a profitable business for the state of California. The politicians are hooked not just on the gas taxes but also on the lobby monies from the auto and oil industries. Did I mention these politicians are Democrats? Oh, yes I did.

The working poor, single moms, hurt the most…The democrats running the Golden State look the other way as the oil companies continue to gouge the state’s workers who are stuck in their cars. The lack of public transit, and in particular light and medium rail, in and around the urban areas is shameful. The actions, or more correctly put, the inaction’s of these politicians are nothing less than criminal.

Lets See Their Tax Returns: Listen to these hypocrites continue to bash Donald Trump calling for him to release his tax returns while they are creating so much economic stress and hurt on their own state’s working class. The call for Trump’s tax records is a good one….but lets not stop there. I want the tax records of all the local, state, and federal politicians released as well. Lets see where they are getting their money from.

The Bullet Train…all smoke and mirrors: The bullet train was first proposed in the 1980s. It was going to take people from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 2 plus hours. It’s cost was estimated to be 39 billion.

Fast Forward 2019: The train has yet to leave the station. It has gone through numerous revisions from having it go from Sacramento to Los Angeles instead of from San Francisco, to the “bullet” part being taking off the title. Revised time of travel between the two cities has yet to be determined. Cost to date is anywhere from 12 to 15 billion dollars and climbing, of which 80% has been spent on consultants. The new target date of when this non bullet train will begin service is 2033 with an estimated final cost higher than 100 billion dollars.

Jail Stats: So lets look at this…. no train has run since the inception of the idea in 1988. The consultants have pocketed billions in planning, no real train even exists, no track has been laid, no people have been moved. The most amazing number from all of this is the number 0. Zero people have gone to jail! Meanwhile…. they keep raising our gas taxes and protecting the oil companies continual price gouging of the hard working people of California.

They Do Not Care About Us: Do you really think these democrat politicians care about the environment, about the workers, the single moms, the poor, and the homeless? I want to see their tax returns!

General Eisenhower and the Interstate Highway System: President Eisenhower proposed the connecting of cities with a population of 50,000 or higher by an interstate road system in 1956. The Interstate Highway System was deemed completely finished by 1996. President Eisenhower was looking to the future of our nation. The economic boom of America after WWII can be directly tied to his program.

The Inter Urban Transit System: (IUTS): I believe we should now call for the creation of the Inter Urban Transit System of light and medium rail to be built in every city with a population over 50,000. This should be a nationally funded program just like President Eisenhower’s Inter State Highway System (ISHS). Once begun the politicians could then be able to claim they care about the environment, the working class, the single moms, and the poor. Until then….it’s all poppycock!

The Border Should Be Opened…. by, Michael Hawke

The Border Crisis:  The recent news reports of the Texas holding facilities lack of proper housing for the illegal immigrants being held there makes the point that our nation has a “border crisis”. Thousands are crossing illegally each month and most are seeking asylum. The majority of these illegal immigrants are from four main Central America nations. Here are some population demographics:

  1. Nicaragua:   6 million people.
  2. El Salvador: 6 million people
  3. Honduras:    9 million people
  4. Guatemala:  16 million people
  5. Costa Rica:   4 million people
  6. Belize:           330 thousand people
  7. Mexico:        125 million people.

Of the above listed countries most of the illegals are coming from Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Of these countries Guatemala is one of the poorest countries in the world with half of their population living below the poverty level. The other countries have fairly stable economic environments. All of the above countries, with the exception of Costa Rica and Belize, have serious criminal groups and organizations that pose security issues for their citizens.

It Simply A Numbers Game:  The issue is not why this particular make-shift facility in Texas could barely do the job of providing safe and secure housing, but rather why the border patrol had to convert this inadequate building to a holding facility in the first place. There are simply too many people to detain and there are not enough places to put them. The border agents are overwhelmed. They are understaffed, underfunded, and operating under archaic immigration laws.

The failure here is not with the men and women of our Border Patrol, it is with the  members of congress who refuse to pass a modern, and effective, law on immigration. The congress failing to act is the reason we have these kinds of things happening. The media walks arm in arm with the liberals in Congress. They equate the actions of our nations border agents with those of the Concentration camp guards of the Holocaust.  They continue to focus on the holding and housing problem without asking why real solutions are not being enacted by Congress. The fault is not with Trump administration or with the Border Agents, it is with the liberals in the congress who want to have their cake and eat it too. There is just too much political fodder here for them to do the right thing.

Give Them A Court Date…And Let Them All Enter: My advice to President Trump would be to simply give the democrats and the media what they want. Let all but the clearly identifiable criminals enter the country. We give each immigrant an asylum hearing date, a bus ticket to the city of their choice, $500 dollars, and information on where to go for services when they arrive at their destination. A guide showing which US States and Cities are sanctuary locations would also be provided. Since so many politicians from these local to the state sanctuary havens have such concern for these immigrants it is only smart to let them step up and put their money where their mouths are!

Worst Case Scenario: The worst case scenario of this policy would be that half of all of the people living in the four main immigrant source countries would empty out and come to the United States. That would be about 19 million new people entering our country and heading for the Sanctuary locations. Not too bad…I think we can absorb it, eh?  Let these political hypocrites who are doing all of the finger pointing, but providing no pressure on congress to act, show us how to fix this one.

The Daily Mix…, Michael Hawke

Caesars Restaurant Tijuana, Mexico: If you have dined at Caesars Restaurant in Tijuana Mexico you know you had a very special experience and you also know you will be going back soon! Caesars is simply the best dining experience in the San Diego/Tijuana region, if not in all of Southern California.  The Caesar salad was invented there in the 1930’s. Caesar’s is a lively, romantic, and exciting restaurant. Firsts class describes Caesars; first class food, international chefs, service second to none, and great value make the trip South of the Border one you will never forget. Getting there from San Diego is easy. Walk across the border, take a 4 minute cab ride to the front door of Caesars and return the same way. If you prefer to drive they valet park your car for $2.50 American and keep it in a secure lot. See you at Caesars!

Chicago Mayor’s Comments On Ice Officers:  The Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, urged Chicago citizens to publicize ICE Officers locations, to not cooperate with ICE, and to hide people who are under court orders for deportation. She is calling for an underground railroad to protect these illegal immigrants who are court ordered for deportation. She is equating ICE Officers, and their mission, with that of the slave owners during the era of slavery. The illegal immigrants are to be viewed not as law breakers but rather innocent victims who need protecting. The government agents enforcing the immigration laws….these are the real bad guys. It does not matter that these immigrants have either had their day in court, or did not show up for their court hearing. Laws matter….all the laws…..or, do they?

Paying Taxes Should Now Be Optional:  Mayor Lightfoot’s recent anti government stand made me think hard and long about following laws. If illegal immigrants who sneak into the country or overstay their visas are being treated as victims when law enforcement attempts to apply the immigration law then why should you or I pay our income taxes? If it is victims the liberals are looking for then there are plenty of tax payers ready to say “look here, help me too”!

These unfair tax laws allow our government to garnish wages, impound automobiles, seize houses and other property, and ultimately put non paying, law breaking, citizens in prison. Lets be honest here, taxes put a big financial hurt on most Americans. Why are there no liberal politicians telling us all we can stop paying them? Taxes are, after all, unfair and put a great financial burden on citizens who must pay them. Save us from those racist, evil, Treasury Agents, Mayor Lightfoot.  Save the illegals seems to be the liberal politicians cry of the day…. but I say “no more taxes”.




The Daily Mix…, Michael Hawke

Back in the Saddle:  Many of you have inquired as to when I might get back to The Pomorski Report. I had a back fusion surgery in August and have been struggling to get back on track physically. I am hoping to get things up and running again….this being my first report in some time. Thanks for your concerns and warm support.

The French Valley: Along with the back surgery we recently moved from San Diego fifty miles North, to the French Valley. The French Valley is one of the prettiest rural areas of California. It is filled many fine wineries, farms, lakes, and open fields. The valley is surrounded by mountains to include the “astronomy famous” Palomar Mountain.  The area is served by the French Valley Airport and it appears the jet setters have discovered the easy access this airport affords. Future reports and the upcoming podcast will be based from what I deem to be the last unspoiled piece of Southern California.

Homeless in California: The growing numbers of homeless in this state are finally getting the attention of the citizens. The media can no longer pretend this is merely  an accidental problem caused by unequal economic opportunities. There is some of that, yes, but the majority of the homeless are drug addicted and mentally ill. The feces, tents, and sleeping bodies in just about every nice public place cannot be allowed to continue. For all the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent to fix this problem it is only getting worse by the day. I see homelessness as a new industry benefiting mostly liberal groups. The homeless provide jobs, money, and life long career opportunities to social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, church and non church based help organizations, and now  the newest career field….“feces picker uppers”. I will talk about the right solution to this problem in an upcoming piece…stay tuned.

UFOs: The US Air Force released a report this week confirming many pilots over the past twenty years have documented and reported UFO sightings from the air. I knew a retired Air Force Colonel, a former Vietnam War fighter pilot, who said they routinely referred to the visitors as “the grays“. He said sightings were common stuff. More on UFOs in future reports. Send me your experiences.

Tear Down That Wall Madam Speaker: Speaker Pelosi resides in one of the most exclusive properties in America. She lives in a mansion sitting high on a hill overlooking the San Francisco Bay Area, and the magnificent natural beauty below.  Her home is a gated compound surrounded by “a very secure” security wall.

Less than a half mile away, down the hill in the city, live thousands of homeless people sleeping on sidewalks, park benches, and on the ground. Speaker Pelosi has yet to “tear down her wall” and let them camp on her front yard where there is plenty of room for port a potties, tents, and food stations. While insisting the homeless stay out of her private space she calls a wall on our Southern Border racist, and un-American.

So much nonsense by these these liberal pretenders who say they care for the people but in truth are all about dividing our country and holding on to their political power. Madam Speaker may I ask that you cut the crap and start supporting the funding and building of our border wall as well as true reform of the immigration laws. Work with President Trump to solve the problem.