School Shootings: Ban Games Not Guns…….by, Michael Hawke

The Pomorski Report

The idea that young people who bring guns to school and do evil deeds is the result of our first amendment rights to own guns is profoundly simplistic and plain wrong. The left, to include the media, school administrations, Hollywood stars, and anti NRA groups immediately jump on the opportunity to push for gun control after one of these terrible shootings. There is little logic in their arguments that banning a particular non semi automatic gun, or eliminating second ammedment rights will prevent future school shootings.

Honesty is needed if we want to stop school shootings. They do not happen in a vacuum. There are almost always tell tale signs and indications if people are paying attention to troubled young students. Hollywood liberals who seize on this issue with the same tenaciousness as a dog grabbing a bone seek to appear both compassionite and our all knowing guides.  Their hypocracy…

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School Shootings: Ban Games Not Guns…….by, Michael Hawke

The idea that young people who bring guns to school and do evil deeds is the result of our first amendment rights to own guns is profoundly simplistic and plain wrong. The left, to include the media, school administrations, Hollywood stars, and anti NRA groups immediately jump on the opportunity to push for gun control after one of these terrible shootings. There is little logic in their arguments that banning a particular non semi automatic gun, or eliminating second ammedment rights will prevent future school shootings.

Honesty is needed if we want to stop school shootings. They do not happen in a vacuum. There are almost always tell tale signs and indications if people are paying attention to troubled young students. Hollywood liberals who seize on this issue with the same tenaciousness as a dog grabbing a bone seek to appear both compassionite and our all knowing guides.  Their hypocracy and simplistic thinking is only exceeded by their huge egos.

Everything known about childhood education from early on and into the teen years is that what happens to children along the way to adult hood while they are in their formative years has a profound impact on their success in social, educational, and peer settings. Early negative experiences and inputs have a tremendous impact on their mental health development.

So what do we know about young peoples habits that has a tremendous impact on those who are struggling with the social stresses of the teen years. We know that most kids play video games and that a very large number of young boys from age seven or eight up play violent war games with shooting and killing being the main focus of the game. They play these games hours on end. There are gaming sites where they go on line and play with strangers interacting in real like war scenes. Not only are these young people exposed the game, they are exposed the interaction of the other players who they do not know and who are verbalizing extreme language and violent comments during the games.

Now any honests social scientist, psychologist, psychiatrist, medical doctor, or educator will tell you a constant imput of this type of violent escape video play is dangerous. They will also tell you it is extrmely dangerous for a young person with mental and social stresses. Often times escaping into the game is a way to deal with the life stresses these young people are feeling. The violent games only compound the problem.

It is not far stretch to see a troubled young person eventually acting out violently after growing up with an every day shooting and killing experience while escaping to their video game or groups site.

Visit the Best Buy home page as only one example, and take a look at the games listed. There are many games under the action category that are listed NR…”no rating”. The problem we are having with school shootings is not with the guns. The problem we are having is we as a society, are unwilling, or just too plain dumb, to call out the self defined caring left wing liberals and hollywood and gaming business types to stop producing and selling these mind damaging movies and games to our youth. And frankly we as a society are also participating and enjoying the very violent games and movies that are the basic root cause of all school shootings.

Mental Health professionals have been silent on these matters and it is a big shame on their profession. Ban the guns….no we must ban the games!



The Daily Mix……by, Michael Hawke

Airbnb Rentals Destroying Residential Real Estate:  The RB&B problem in San Diego is growing. San Diego city government officials, starting at the top with Mayor Kevin Faulkner have punted. The reality is people are now buying residential houses for the sole purpose of creating vacation rental revenue. The demand for housing is growing and the prices soaring as a result. The answer is a simple one. Rental properties should be permitted but short term vacation rentals turn residential neighborhoods into commercial zones. Last I checked you cannot turn you house into a 7/11 or a hardware store so why is RB&B different?

Oh, I will answer my own question….the real estate lobby. Do your jobs over there at City Hall and take care of the all the people, not simple the wealthy investor class.  Shame on you guys.

San Diego Roads: I had friends visit from Georgia and they could not believe the roads around town and especially around the airport. Potholes, steel plates, hidden bumps and dips….if you live here you know the story. On and on they work on the roads….low bidder gets the work. Once they begin they have to figure out how to make a profit given their crazy low bid they gave to get the work. Less tar, stones, glue…who knows. Our roads suck and we have no snow, ice, rain, or freezing which causes most Midwestern and Eastern cities havoc. Whats the deal?

Oh, I will answer my own question….the lack of credible leadership at the Streets Division and at City Hall. The buck stops with the good Mayor Kevin Faulkner. Are you guys blind? Do you drive to the airport and around town? How many times do you have drive these streets before you realize whoever is running the road show is a dummy….or worse.

Georgia Tourists Amazed To Learn We Already Have A Wall: I took my friends from Georgia to the border to look at the existing two fence wall between the US and Mexico. I showed them the amount of travel back and forth and explained this wall has been there for almost twenty years and works quite well for citizens on both sides of the border. Free and easy “legal” travel occurs every day across at the border. Mexicans work here and live there and many Americans live in Mexico. The big lie….we are walling off Mexico was exposed for these naive Georgian visitors. The double fence at the San Diego Mexico border area works well and helps Border Patrol to handle the smugglers and human traffickers in a much safer way.  So why were these Americans confused?

Oh, I will answer my own question….the full court press of lies pushed continually on the American people by the liberal media, politicians, and radical groups is taken as truth by many Americans and especially democrats and progressives. The failure to look at the proposed completion of the border security wall in a fair and honest way is simply a reflection of these groups left wing goals. An open, uncontrolled border is not simply naive it is completely nuts.



“SAY IT PLEASE” ……, Dr. Johnnie Coleman


The next time someone says, “How are you?”, try this answer on for size: I am whole. I am complete. I am perfect. I am happy. I am dynamite. I am lovable, loving, getting lots of good love. I am well off and doing well. I have it all together. I am basking in the riches of life. I am prospering right here and right now. I am being richly rewarded, even in my sleep. I am a miracle worker expecting a miracle right now. I am peacefully peaceful. I am walking the walk. I am talking the talk. I am claiming the victory right now. I am successful. I am wealthy. I am living by pure grace. I am a believer. I am standing on faith. I am on my way to the top. I am what I am because I just can’t help myself. And how are you doing, my dear?

The Florida School Shootings………by, Michael Hawke

Missing the Point…..Labeling Officers Cowards: There is so much wrong with arm chair media, politicians, and anyone with a voice ripping these Officers by calling them cowards. They failed to aggressively go forward toward the shooting for whatever reasons. We will hear their answers as to why they waited. They could have been fearfully frozen in place to be sure.  However, for a person sitting on a studio couch, or standing behind a microphone, and declaring them guilty of cowardice is seeking to fix blame for a tragedy that should not have happened in the first place.  Were they cowards? It is possible, however there is much we need to learn as to time lines and also what they have to say. The coward label could be levied by some, but most people hurling these attacks would likely have hunkered down, not charged into the building.

The Initial Police On Scene Lacked Training: The obvious thing to me is that these officers, at the very least, lacked solid training for this type of situation. Their failure to aggressively enter the building was due to their lack of knowing what to do, or if they knew what to do they had not been sufficiently trained so they did it automatically.  The military trains and trains and trains for combat so that when soldiers are in life and death situations they go on automatic. No time to think, wonder, or fear…it is time to act. These officers clearly lacked that kind of consistent training.

FBI Failure: This was a no brainer for the FBI. They had a solid report of a school shooter threat and they failed to follow up on it. I will only say I wish the FBI would spend some time investigating itself and stop worrying about Russian collusion, election rigging, and foreign influences. The head of the FBI for the past several years was James Comey. Who is responsible for the culture and the failings of the FBI? James Comey. If these leads were mishandled, overlooked, and possibly ignored maybe we should put Mr. Comey in the cross hairs for the blame of this tragedy. The FBI seems to have forgotten their true policing role.

The Blame the NRA Game: Once again we are learning so much about this tragedy and the person who put such evil down in that school. We have yet to hear how this 19 year old, who was identified as a real threat to shoot up the school, even got his weapons and ammunition. We need better background checks, maybe an age limit for buying guns of 21 years old. (The exception would be anyone over 18 serving in the United States Military who passes a background check could buy a gun). There were so many red flags on this person and yet he still was able to buy guns. The focus of the needed changes is less about the gun rules and more about how to fix the system that let this young man avoid scrutiny and arrest prior to this shooting.

Real Heroes Were Present That Day: The stories of teachers shielding students and some losing their lives in the process is incredible. The bravery and self sacrifice of those who gave their lives trying to save the kids is medal of honor stuff! They were our best and bravest to be sure.

The Government Shut Down Solution…. by, Michael Hawke

Once again I am in my living room late at night watching the reports on the government shut down caused by our Congressional Representatives and Senators. The television shots of Representatives and Senators standing and talking, and acting like they have no care in the world, elicits feelings of both dismay and anger.

As of right now, 11:23 PM West Coast time, the Senate has reached an agreement on a bill to extend the government until March 23rd. They are excited that this will result in keeping the government open and avoid an extended shut down, the second in less than a month. The reporters state the House members have been called in so they can vote on the Senate bill. They report some of the members will not get there until early morning. They are hoping for a vote around 6 AM East Coast time.

It is clear to me that we need to change the expectations we, the people, have for our elected representatives who we send to Washington to run our government.  Here is my list of what should be done in order to have these elected political leaders do their job.

No Annual Budget Approved…No Pay: They lose a month of pay for each month in which there is no passage of an annual budget. If they do a stop gap bill to keep it open for a short time they still lose that months pay. If the government shuts down for one or two days they still lose a whole months pay and benefits.

No Annual Budget Approved…All Benefits Stop: They lose their health,dental, as well as their office travel and expense budgets. They also lose all money to pay their office staffs and all benefits for their staffs also stop.

Termed Out…They Cannot Run For Re-Election: If the government is shut down for more than 14 days in any given fiscal year they are termed out of office. In other words they cannot run for re-election when their term is up. That goes for all of them… no matter who they are or what post they hold.

Lets Look At Rules They Voted On For All Of Us….Social Security Limits:  These guys had no problem setting up limits on our senior and disabled citizens regarding Social Security Benefits. If a person is receiving Social Security Benefits and is able, and or needs, to work they limit how much can be earned in a single month. If you go over that amount then you lose your entire Social Security Check for the month you went over the set limit.

When they say “go over” they mean if you go over it by as little as ten dollars you lose your entire benefit check. Now keep in mind the average Social Security Check is about $850.00 dollars and most seniors and disabled people need every dime of it to make ends meet. A simple error of going over the limit, which is generally between $800.00 to $1,000.00 dollars extra each month, will result in their canceling the Social Security for that month.

What is happening here? These elected Representatives can shut down the entire government over their petty power plays knowing they will still get all their pay and benefits to include their expense accounts. Meanwhile the average senior citizen or disabled person gets slammed for working too hard and making more than a set limit. These politicians have no guilt at all in passing these kinds of rules for the rest of us. They do not lose sleep over a person being limited to how much extra they can earn once drawing their benefits.

Don’t you all think it is about time we stop acting like their servants…. and start acting like their bosses? I for one am tired of the incompetence of the people serving in our Congress and the Senate. The problem is there are too many are career politicians, and far too many lawyers for any kind of practical work to get done.

Lets send some real business minded experts up there, what do you say? I say it is time to vote them all out of office. If they can spend four, six, ten, twenty and more years working in Washington and they still have not figured out how to avoid government shut downs or how to develop a workable budget process why do we re-elect them?

Wake Up I Say….Wake Up!

The “Sucker Punched Club” ……by Michael Pomorski

The Pomorski Report

Geno Smith: I feel your pain……from a fellow member of the “Sucker Punched Club”.

I was in the tenth grade and working in drafting class, my first class after lunch. There were five rows of drafting tables, with four tables in each row. I was in the third row from the front, on the end. Picture a row of four drafting tables separated by an aisle ( two to each side of the aisle )so the instructor could move easily front to back helping the students.

The instructor, Mr. Hickman, would often leave the room after the assignment was given. Where he went we never knew but it left the class pretty loose and casual. We worked on drafting boards which angled upward and usually had to draw foundations or other architectural tasks. On this particular day, after Mr. Hickman stepped out, someone in the back flung an eraser…

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Louis L’Amour, America’s Favorite Storyteller……by, Michael Hawke

The Western: When I was growing up I remember my father reading Western novels. He always had a book going. My dad served in WWII in the Pacific. After the war he returned home and served as a Police Officer for the city of Toledo. I am sure to my Dad, and to many of his generation, the Westerns written by Louis L’Amour were favorites.

Hondo: This was Louis La’Amour’s first full length novel, published in 1953. Every one of his more than 100 books is in print and there are more than 230 million of his books in print worldwide making him one of the best selling authors in modern times. His books have been translated into twenty languages, and more than forty-five of his novels and stories have been made into feature films and television movies.

High Honors: He received many high honors and awards. In 1983 Louis L’Amour became the first novelist ever to be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal by the United States Congress. In 1984 President Ronald Reagan awarded him the Medal of Freedom.  Louis L’Amour died on June 10, 1988.

Excerpts:  I recently read “The Cherokee Trail”, first published in 1982. The story is of a strong woman who moves West from her home in Virginia due to the Civil War. In the back of this novel there are several excerpts from some of his other novels. I will share one  below so you can get a taste of why Louis L’Amour was called “America’s Favorite Story Teller”. 

“Tell her of the West?…… Where could a man begin? Where could he find the words to put the pictures before her that he saw when she asked about the West? How could he tell her of fifty-mile cattle drives without water and the cattle dying and looking wild-eyed into the sun? How could he tell her about the sweat, the dust, the alkali? Or the hard camps of hard men where a word was a gun and a gun was a death? And plugging a wound with a dirty handkerchief and hoping it didn’t poison? What could a man tell a woman of the West? How could he find words for the swift-running streams, chuckling over rocks, for the mountains that reached to heaven and the clouds that choked the valleys among the high peaks? What words did have to talk of that?”

“There’s a wonder of land out there, Mrs. Thorne”, I said, “a wide wonder of it, with distances that reach out beyond your seeing, where a man can ride six days and get nowhere at all. There are canyons where no white man has walked, canyons among the unfleshed bones of the mountains, with the soil long gone if ever there was any, like old buffalo bones where the buzzard and the coyotes had been at them. There’s campfires, ma’am, where you sit over a tiny fire with a million tiny fires in the sky above you like the fires of a million lonely men. You hover over your fire and hear the coyotes speaking their plaintive words at the moon, and you smell the acrid smoke and you wonder where you are and if there’s Comanches out there, and your horse comes close to the fire for company and looks out into the dark with pricked-up ears. Chances are the night is empty, of living things, anyway, for who can say what ghosts may haunt a country the like of that?”

” Sometimes I’d be lazy in the morning and lie in my blankets after sunup, and I’d see deer coming down to the water to drink. Those days a man didn’t often camp right up against a water hole. It wasn’t safe, but that wasn’t the reason. There’s other creatures need water besides a man, and they won’t come nigh it if a man is close by, so it’s best to get your water and then sleep back so the deer, the quail, and maybe a cougar can come for water, too.” 

“Times like that a man sees some strange sights. One morning I watched seven bighorn sheep come down to the water. No creature alive, man or animal, has the stately dignity of a bighorn. They came down to the water there and stood around, taking another drink now and again. Tall as a burro most of them, and hair as soft as a fawn’s belly. A man who travels alone misses a lot, ma’am, but he sees a lot the busy, talky folks never get a chance to see.”  

“Why, Iv’s stood ten feet from a grizzly bear stuffing himself with blackberries and all he did was look at me now and again. He was so busy at those berries he’d no time for me. So I just sat down and watched him and ate my own fixin’s right there, for company. He paid me no mind, and I paid him little more. When I’d eaten what I had, I went back to my horse and when I left I called out to him and said, ‘Good-bye, Old Timer’, and lifted a hand, and would you believe it, ma’am, he turned and looked after me like he missed my company.”









The Daily Mix….by, Michael Hawke

The Puerto Rico Fix: Puerto Rico has a population of around 3 million people. The debt for the island will require bankruptcy. The people of the island must vote for statehood.  Failure to do this will result in the banks sitting on the island until international development takes place. At that point the population will fall even more and they will lose their island and all the natural beauty there. A tough pill to take but it is the only way they will keep their homeland. They also need to remember…..they are an island!

The Cuba Transformation: Destined to become the tourist jewel of the Caribbean. The changes are happening in lighting speed. Unlike Puerto Rico the people there are going to take those developer dollars. In fifteen years Cuba will look like a much prettier, and more enticing Miami. They do not need to remember they are an island….they know it and will take the benefits! The Castro period will be a dim memory in ten years.

The Stupid Funny Question:  ….did President Trump try to fire Robert Mueller last June? All we have heard since Trump left of the economic summit in Davo Switzerland was there was new bombshell evidence that he wanted to fire Mueller last June. The reports ridiculously suggest this the “gotcha proof” the President obstructed justice. Such a pile of baloney I have never heard. The whole thing was to take the focus off the reality of Davos…Trump was big hit and he pushed the benefits of doing business with, and in, America. In other words he was selling our countries’ benefits to the elite in Davos. Such dung on CNN and all the other liberal news outlets. Such a sham they all are. There was no obstruction, collusion, corruption, or election hijacking. I ask the American worker to look at their pay stub this month….that should be enough for them to see the lies for what they are. Trump is no politician….he is a tough and tumble businessman who knows what is best for his country and for the American people.

Help With My Book: I brought on two interns this weekend to help me with the book. Yogi and Boo Boo. They are four month old tabby cats and were born on Camp Pendleton on 9/11/2017. The have assured me they are not liberals and lean toward conservative cat ideas. Their contribution will be to catch mice and gophers and to provide that relaxed environment that animals give when they are sleeping on the chair or the floor or the table…..or at this point everywhere else in the house. How long will they be high energy kittens????




The Daily Mix…, Michael Hawke

NAFTA FIX NEEDED: President Trump has called for ending NAFTA. I think we all know he is using this stand as a means of starting the re-negotiation of the terms and rules of NAFTA. Living in San Diego it is easy to see some economic benefits of NAFTA to both sides of the border. There are, however, a few “big” things that need fixing. Today about 95% of the containers coming across the border from Mexico are Chinese goods that were delivered into Mexico for “free” transit into the United States under the NAFTA. These goods were not made or assembled in Mexico for the most part. So when President Trump says we need to dump or fix NAFTA he is correct. Current trade deficit with Mexico is over $70 billion dollars. This is not “fair trade” and it hurts our economy.

THE WALL AND LIES : The wall works. We have had over 15 miles of fence separation with Mexico in San Diego for over fifteen years. It has kept our border patrol agents safer, helped us better police the illegal transport of drugs and people, and for Mexico has made neighborhoods near the border much safer as cartel drugs and violence is longer threatening them. Each day in San Diego over 135,000 people travel legally though across our border for work, travel, trade, family, and a variety of other reasons. The news to the American people should be the border is wide open…for the legal crossing of people and goods in both directions. Ask anyone living in San Diego if the border fence works and they will give a resounding YES! The democrats, led by Chuck Schumer, lie openly about this for one reason only…to stop President Trump from succeeding.

PRESIDENT TRUMP AKSED FOR $28 BILLION: …in funding for the wall. Lets put this amount of money in perspective. In the State of California, the Democrat controlled state legislature has already spent over $68 billion dollars on a high speed rail line from Sacramento to Los Angeles and not even had one train has traveled one mile as of this post. To protect our borders improving, extending, and building the wall is essential. Building the wall does not close off Mexico, rather it enhances both governments ability to control the dangerous cartel smugglers and other illegal threats on the border.

DEMOCRATIC ELECTION NIGHTMARE LOOMS:  The American people care most about their own safety and economic security. When voters walk into the voter booth in November they will know their economic status is better than it has been in the past 15 years. Their wages are rising, their taxes are falling, the job market is growing, and America is stronger and safer. They also will know if they want these benefits to continue they must give the President a super majority in the Senate. The choice will be give the President 60 Senators, who support his policies, or put more Democrat Senators in office who will shut down any ability for continued positive economic growth for themselves and their families. Simply put…“it’s the economy stupid”.  The Democrat Senators better deal now, or they will face disaster in November.