Iran is the next Nazi Germany. WW III is coming!  The Iranians have been in negotiations with President Obama via the Secretary of State John Kerry over their nuclear end state. They intend to be fully nuclear, to include nuclear weapons, within five years or less, and our President is helping them get there.  In Iran they refer to the agreement being worked out as “Obama Nuke Care” or, ONK for short!

Right now they are playing chess with President Obama. They are good chess players and they know they will win these negotiations because they will cheat if they have to. The President is a bad chess player…that is being very kind. The current negotiations are simply a means of buying time and we seem to be willing to play along. Our negotiation method seems to be “whatever you say is the way it is”. This reminds me of the Nuclear Arms negotiations with the Soviets in years past. We count “1 Nuke for the U.S.” and they count ” 2 Nukes for the USSR ” all very even Steven, eh?!

Make no mistake…when, not if, they are fully nuclear they will drop the bomb on Israel. Their goal has been made clear; the total destruction of the State of Israel.  Our President, through the Secretary of State, is making the same mistake he has made with many other countries since he took office. He thinks he is smarter than everyone else, when in fact he is dumber. Certainly he is dumber than the Iranians if he thinks he can work something out that will secure future peace and the survival of Israel while giving them the green light to build a nuclear bomb.

Iran has openly stated that when they get a nuclear weapon they will have a “one bomb war” with Israel. They have stated; “one bomb is all it will take”.  So we negotiate, right?  No, not right, the Obama negotiations are just plain stupid. I see only one course of action for the survival of Israel, and for the long term survival of our country. Threaten with force and when there is continued game playing, which there will be, start hurting them, militarily, economically, and psychologically. Remember how President Reagan brought the Soviets to their knees?  He simply said what he meant and meant what he said.  

Unfortunately, I do not see President Obama taking this course of action. Rather, I see Israel taking things into their own hands. They simply have no choice. To depend on the U.S. will be fatal for the Israelis.  They will take out the Iranian nuclear program and I would not be surprised if they go nuclear to do it. Israel is up against the wall and when you are in that place there is only one thing to do….fight and fight to destroy your enemy. 

The country of Iran is a mature, dangerous, country.  It is time to completely remove our connections to the Iranians and focus on re-building our commitment to Israel. At a time when Russia has pretty much called the NATO bluff there is not a lot of hope any of these bad actors will fear us. There is just no respect for anything the U.S. says or threatens. Maybe we should do what a boxer does when he has several losses in a row; take on a weak opponent and decimate him.  Lets put Kim Jong Un in his place and obliterate North Korea. We could then reconnect the North and South…this just might get our confidence back and give these other bad players a reminder we can mean business when we want to….or…. maybe President Obama can begin ONK talks with Kim Jong too!