SUPER BOWL LESSON:  If I have to take one lesson away from watching the New England Patriots come from way behind….did I say way behind?… to win the game it would be this; ” Never Give Up…Never Give Up….Never, Never, Never, Give Up!” This must be Tom Brady’s personal mantra.

PATRIOTS OWNER A TRUE PATRIOT: New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft was said to have held a team meeting early in the season regarding the National Anthem protests by NFL players, most notably San Francisco quarterback Colin Kapaernick.  Kraft told all his players that brave patriots have died for their right to make millions playing football and there would be no protests by the team. He then said that if any of them wanted to designate and donate to a charity of their choosing he would match their gift. I guess that is putting your money where your mouth is. Patriots win Super Bowl, 49rs finish dead last. Karma.

PRESIDENT TRUMP IS ACTING LIKE A LEADER: The reason the media and liberal elites are so in a tizzy is they have never been around a real leader.  A leader does not lift his finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing…no time to worry about the wind, whichever way it blows he is focused only on his goals and promises.   Donald Trump is a builder by nature and while he is in office he will be redesigning and building so many things with the end state being a stronger, safer, nation. God Bless him.

SEVEN TERROR COUNTRIES:  The seven countries targeted in the ban on immigrating to the United States are terrorist havens. Banning entry from these countries until better vetting can be developed is only logical. There is no right to enter the United States because of refugee status. I note that Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, the Emerites, Jordon, and Egypt are not taking refugees from these countries. These are Arab and or Muslim countries.

The larger issue here is the Federal Courts taking control of deciding what is and what is not a national security need. This is the responsibility of the President and not the Courts. Last I checked Federal Judges do not have security clearances, are not briefed daily by the NSA and Homeland Security on terror threats, and they do not have the right to handcuff the executive branch at whim. The danger goes way beyond this matter as Presidents need to be able to be decisive when it comes to our security. The Supreme Court will rule the Judges stay is wrong but in the mean time the liberal media and the left will continue to manipulate this into an anti religion issue. Too bad the media lost their way and no longer knows how to do real journalism.  Lets hope President Trump wins this fight.

Michael Hawke