San Diego Weather: Cooler and overcast today. We have had a great Spring with so much rainfall that the California Drought was officially ended. Now we will be looking ahead to hot days, and what could be a very dangerous fire season by summer’s end.

I used to call my mother almost everyday in her later years. We had great talks, which I really miss. Mom would almost always start with  “How’s your weather out there?”.  My reply was usually short since our weather was always pretty tame compared to her Midwest weather. She always had the more interesting weather be it freezing rain, snow storms and blizzards, tornados, or unbearably humid days with house shaking thunderstorms.  Mom could discuss the weather for fifteen minutes and by the time she finished you knew what was happening. She missed her calling as she would have been a Phenom as a weather woman……Mom was really tough on those weather reporters!

Baseball: San Diego Padres are playing down to expectations. They play good but still manage to lose two or three out every four games. A repeat of last season awaits. Management has tried hard to assuage fan fears by marketing the fact “they are a young, and exciting team”.  While this is true, I do not buy into their “developing for the future….just be patient a few years” line. In a few years, when these young guys are hitting smoking bats and throwing flaming balls, guess what will happen?  Free agency baby….money talks and players walk…and it will be by by-by San Diego.  This has been our history, it has happened before and it will happen again, and again, and again. San Diego baseball?  Well, it’s a lot like our weather; nice, but pretty darn boring after you have been here awhile.

An Athlete And A Gentleman:  Speaking of baseball….Tim Tebow had a great hitting week. It is only a matter of time before he is moved up to double A ball. Not because he is necessarily going to make the “Biggs” but because he is in the “Biggs” wherever he plays. Fans and kids love Tim Tebow.  So sorry the media and sports gurus need to continually knock him, it just does not matter to the rest of us.  The regular folks see his sincerity, goodness, and athleticism, and they like it. The guy is nothing but an incredible athlete and an awesome human being. We could use a few more role models like Tim Tebow in sports, and the world in general.  Go Tim Tebow, I am rooting for your dream, brother.

The Death of the Factor: Bill O’Reilly had his run, and what a run it was. I am sorry to see him go. I was walking down the dock at Cabrillo Isle Marina where Endeavor is berthed and saw two beautiful women and an one average looking fellow getting ready to shove off in a fishing boat. I made the following comment, which could be labeled a tad sexists by certain people; “Wow, what a lucky guy you are going boating with not one, but two, beautiful women”. I immediately felt like I crossed a new red line for talking to women and so I stupidly said…. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like Bill O’Reilly”.  (Where that came from who knows? Maybe the constant CNN bashing on him being a womanizer, sexist, and an arrogant bully, was starting to register in my own head as factual).  The women both laughed and the red head replied….”No problem, I really like Bill O’Reilly and I am sorry to see him go off the air”.  I was surprised but I guess he did not get to be #1 by only appealing to men. He was right on the mark on so much of what he did on air.  Bill O’Reilley is now certainly in a new ” no spin zone” partly of his own making.  Meanwhile the rest of us males are just get more and more confused about how to talk and act around women. We too are now living and working in the “new no spin zone”. Thanks a lot Bill.

Coyote Spotted: A very large coyote….yes they showed him on TV and he is very large,  was spotted running through a Rancho Bernardo neighborhood today. He was caught on cameral and put on local news running with something in his mouth…probably a cat, rabbit, or small dog. Pets are easy prey for these wild beasts.  Watch out for coyotes. They are incredible hunters and your dog or cat is a delicacy they cannot resist. Coyotes can easily hop an 8′ high fence.

Dan’s “My Dream” Update: Dan crossed the equator moving into the Southern Ocean yesterday.  Now, due the time zones, hemispheres and all the rest, I am temporarily confused on when exactly yesterday was for Dan.  My magnetic compass is now swinging amiss and the variations and deviations are backwards too. Whenever yesterday was “it happened”. Dan wrote he is only about 500 miles from his first landfall, at Hiva Oa.  Sailing at about 100 miles a day he is just five days from returning to civilization. That bacon cheese burger is getting closer and closer Dan. Not too bad for a guy who left San Diego March 28th sailing all alone in his 35′ sailboat named “My Dream”.  He is now a member of a very small club of human beings in the history of the planet to have accomplished this feat sailing solo.  I put his courage, talent, and spirit, right up there with the likes of John Glenn and all the other great explorers. Dan, whenever you get back I am voting for you! We need leaders like you brother.