The Pomorski Report

It was the second week in June and a beautiful Saturday morning when Eva and I headed for La Jolla to get breakfast and have some much needed recharge time. We live in San Diego and La Jolla is to San Diego as Beverly Hills might be to L.A. It takes us no more than twenty minutes to drive form our home to the coast. La Jolla is the most beautiful place in Southern California, truly a “jewel” on the Pacific. There are many things that bring people to visit La Jolla but the central draw is the beach and the cove. The restaurants, shops, and museums are frosting on the cake. The boardwalk runs high above the surf, from the cove at the North, to the children’s pool at the South end of La Jolla.

We love to go to breakfast at either Harry’s on Gerrard, or Brockton Villa, which is right on Coast Blvd and sits…

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