The Puerto Rico Fix: Puerto Rico has a population of around 3 million people. The debt for the island will require bankruptcy. The people of the island must vote for statehood.  Failure to do this will result in the banks sitting on the island until international development takes place. At that point the population will fall even more and they will lose their island and all the natural beauty there. A tough pill to take but it is the only way they will keep their homeland. They also need to remember…..they are an island!

The Cuba Transformation: Destined to become the tourist jewel of the Caribbean. The changes are happening in lighting speed. Unlike Puerto Rico the people there are going to take those developer dollars. In fifteen years Cuba will look like a much prettier, and more enticing Miami. They do not need to remember they are an island….they know it and will take the benefits! The Castro period will be a dim memory in ten years.

The Stupid Funny Question:  ….did President Trump try to fire Robert Mueller last June? All we have heard since Trump left of the economic summit in Davo Switzerland was there was new bombshell evidence that he wanted to fire Mueller last June. The reports ridiculously suggest this the “gotcha proof” the President obstructed justice. Such a pile of baloney I have never heard. The whole thing was to take the focus off the reality of Davos…Trump was big hit and he pushed the benefits of doing business with, and in, America. In other words he was selling our countries’ benefits to the elite in Davos. Such dung on CNN and all the other liberal news outlets. Such a sham they all are. There was no obstruction, collusion, corruption, or election hijacking. I ask the American worker to look at their pay stub this month….that should be enough for them to see the lies for what they are. Trump is no politician….he is a tough and tumble businessman who knows what is best for his country and for the American people.

Help With My Book: I brought on two interns this weekend to help me with the book. Yogi and Boo Boo. They are four month old tabby cats and were born on Camp Pendleton on 9/11/2017. The have assured me they are not liberals and lean toward conservative cat ideas. Their contribution will be to catch mice and gophers and to provide that relaxed environment that animals give when they are sleeping on the chair or the floor or the table…..or at this point everywhere else in the house. How long will they be high energy kittens????