Tim Tebow, Jaguar’s Tight End: You have to root for Tebow. He is 33 years old….and doing it his way. In the world of NFL tight ends he is almost an old man but his football skills are still right there. I hope he makes the team and they win the Super Bowl.

The US Open at Torrey Pines: You have to root for Phil Michelson too. He was given a waiver to play in the tourney. He will be on his home course at Torrey Pines and if ever he is going to win that final major it will now. Phil was my mom’s favorite golfer. Mom never golfed, dad did though, and as a result she learned to love watching golf on TV. I think she brought Phil good luck and am hoping mom will be watching him on from up above.

The Indianapolis 500 Memorial Day Race: You have to root for Mike Pence too. The Indianapolis 500 Memorial Day race is next Sunday, May 30th. Don’t miss it! Still missing Jim Nabors singing “Back Home in Indiana” at the start of the race. Indiana people are a tough lot. Speaking of races I am pulling for Mike Pence for President in 2024. I love Donald Trump but he is done. He did good stuff but at this point even if he won he would be too handcuffed to get things done. Donald go make even more money and work the conservative cause from behind the curtain.

NBA Basketball-Tall Ball: There is no way anyone who knows basketball, and or played the game, can call this real b-ball. The players are way too tall, the court is way too small, the hoop is way too low, and the ball is too tiny and light. I know how to save the game I love! Well, if anyone like MJ, Shack, or any of the retired, filthy rich stars, want a challenge please contact me. I have a plan for a test league…no not “D Ball”, I know that exists. I am talking about a total test league of changes I suggested. We can run the league with guys who are retired, or done playing, but who still have game. The NBA today is so boring to watch…and worse… listening to the sports announcers trying to make it exciting is pathetic. Help me save the game. PS: Yes I know the NBA has this thing tightly controlled but as I said we need to save the game….hey will end up thanking us.

Speaking of Dumb…A-Rod: No way anyone with a brain can root for this dummy. I always liked Alex Rodriguez…I mean the guy is Mr. MLB right? But….how did he mess up the J Lo thing? Jennifer Lopez is the most beautiful woman that ever walked the planet. I just have to say Alex you totally earned the term “Dumb Jock” on this one. I let a very nice Corvette get away from me a few years back. I always regretted letting that car go….but J Lo? I feel your pain man.