Hogan’s Heroes: was a popular tv comedy in the 1960s with the setting a WWII German Concentration Camp, Stalag 13, inside Germany. The show had an all star cast, Bob Crane (Colonel Hogan), Verner Klemperer (Colonel Clink), Richard Dawson (Corporal Newkirk), and John Banner, (Sgt. Schultz), as well as several others. The show ran from 1965-1971 and was a big hit. One of the main characters was German Sergeant, Hans Schultz, played by John Banner. Schultz was portrayed as a bumbling buffoon who was always learning too much about what Colonel Hogan and the American prisoners were planning. In every episode there was always a place where Sergeant Schultz would see something that he did not want to see, or know, and he would close his eyes and say….”I seeee nothiiingk”.

Shamefully our political, corporate, and media leaders are taking a page from the Sergeant Schultz script. The Chinese government denies the facts regarding the Uyghur genocide. This Muslim minority population is being slowly eliminated by the Chinese Communist Party. Young Uyghur girls are sterilized, families are broken up, freedom of movement taken away, women are forced into the sex slave markets and nobody notices or seems to care. Companies like Nike, and Tiger Woods, Michael Jordon, and all the others making billions off the cheap labor costs accept the Chinese assurances that their products are being made only in legal factories. Sounds good to me they say…, by the way I have a bridge in San Francisco they can buy from me. The United States should be leading the outcry against this genocide. How loud is our protest? Not even a whimper. It seems our leaders fail the mention of it for fear of offending the Chinese Chairman.

Facebook Bans Trump Two More Years: The 45th President of the United States, who has banned from Facebook before the election, just had his ban extended two more years. His ” Facebook crime” was he exercised his First Amendment Rights of Free Speech by insisting he did not lose the election. He states the believes the voting was tampered with in several key states. The “Censorship Committee” at Facebook believes Trump’s speech caused the trashing of the capitol on Jan 6th and his claim the election was fraudulent is false and dangerous to the stability of our nation. You cannot read anything President Trump might want to say on Facebook or on Twitter. He is deemed a dangerous person who wants to cause discord. First Amendment Rights don’t apply…the Censorship Committee is looking out for all citizens…they know best. A former President of our country which is based on freedom of speech is silenced for his political views. We are now safe from President Trump thanks to the Censorship Committee.

Facebook Fails To Ban Chairman Xi: Chairman Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party Facebook Pages are not banned. There is no limiting of their information, which is mostly in Chinese. XI Jinping is responsible for the Uyghur genocide, Christian persecutions, the vicious suppression of the Hong Kong student freedom protestors, the plans to overrun and claim Taiwan, and many other illegal acts of aggression toward Western nations. He is a killer gangster on the same level as Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. Better not take him off Facebook guys…. “I seeee nothiiingk” !

Facebook Fails To Ban Vladimir Putin: The recently held summit in Geneva between Putin and Biden highlights the Facebook hypocrisy. Putin was allowed, by our President and the media, to present himself as an honest broker for peace in the world. He lies so well and with no one to challenge him directly or any media outrage or fact checking he left the summit untouched. Putin claimed with a straight face Russia has no knowledge of any of the recent Russian hacking of our major institutions and oil pipeline. He claims the Crimean occupation was legal and justified. Putin is an equal to Chairman Xi in terms of being a human rights violator. He too is a killer gangster also on level with Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. Like Xi his Facebook Page is still up. He is given free access to spread his lies and propaganda on Facebook. The Censorship Committee at Facebook does not feel he is a threat to world peace or stability. He also has been known to kill those who challenge him in any way. Better not take him off Facebook guys….” I seeee nothiiingk” !

Nike, Michael Jordon, Tiger Woods, and the NBA: These corporate giants also “seee nothiiingk” ! Nike holds 92% of the basketball shoe market world wide. According to Nike and the CCP there are only two legally allowed factories in China that produce Nike shoes. The shoe line includes the Jordon Brand. Do these guys care about China’s genocide of the Uyghurs? They claim they are not going to meddle in the internal affairs of China. So long as the shoes and other products get made and the profits keep coming all is good. How many Uyghur children slaved away at illegal plants making b-ball shoes for Michael Jordon and the NBA? In 2013 Michael Jordon signed a $90 million dollars deal with Nike. Since then 2.7 billion dollars have been made in China. No questions being asked here…. “I seeee nothiiingk” !

The Squad is Mum Too: Alexandria Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, and Rashid Talaib all claim to care about women, children, and minorities. None of these women who all claimed President Trump’s ban on travel from terror based Muslim countries was an anti-Muslim, racist, attack fail to call out Chairman Xi or the Chinese Communist Party on the Uyghur genocide. The Squad all get Chinese lobby money and the result is in ….” We seeee nothiiingk” ! Hypocrites at best complicit with evil at worst.

The Blind Eye is Widespread: I could go on listing many corporate and private organizations who ignore this genocide. There is worldwide fear of China and so courage is being displayed by but a few brave souls. President Trump took a hard stand with the Chinese. His tariffs and sanctions got their attention…and their respect. MLB, NFL, Coca Cola, Tesla, Politicians, American Universities….the list is endless of those who choose to ignore the genocide of the Muslims in Western China. Now the Biden administration has lifted the tariffs and sanctions. The Chinese government has power and money and are using both to silence any criticism of their actions both inside and outside of their borders. These groups all are just like Sgt. Schultz as they….. “seeee nothiiingk” !

IOC Move the Beijing Winter Olympics: Senators Rick Scott and Ted Cruz have called for the International Olympic Committee to move the Winter Olympics set to take place in Beijing China in 2022. They rightly point to the Uyghur genocide and the mishandling and denial of access to investigators of the Corona virus Wuhan lab leak. I urge all Americans to call on their representatives to support this action. Do not be like Sergeant Schultz….see this evil genocide of these Muslim people and do something to stop it. It takes courage to speak up, and even more courage to take a stand when that stand will cost you.

Michael Hawke